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01 Jun 2023

I recently completed a weight loss program with a fantastic trainer Kuljeet Kalhon and I m thrilled with my results! Over the course of 9 months I lost an incredible 13 kgs through a combination of exercise and dietary changes. Kuljeet was really motivating and supportive throughout the entire process . She listened to all of my concerns and helped me develop a customized plan that worked for my specific needs and goals.She was very attentive and checked in with me regularly to monitor my progress and make adjustments as needed. She didn't just push me to exercise harder - she also helped me make healthier choices when it came to food, Hydration, and stress relief. She even recommended some helpful supplements that helped me reach my weight loss goal. Overall, I would highly recommend Kuljeet to anyone looking to lose weight and become healthier. She truly cares about her clients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals in a safe and sustainable way. Thanks to her expertise and guidance, I am now feeling more confident and energized than ever before!

Alpna Taneja
31 May 2023

Kuljeet is an amazing person and coach. Always there to guide and motivate you. Full of positivity and encouragement. Highly recommend her 💯

23 May 2023

Kuljeet has truly changed my perspective on food/nutrition.. she designed a meal plan that easily fit in my daily routine without having to do extra work esp.. with two little kids. Her workout plans have increased my endurance. When anything did not work for me or I wanted to be included, she was quick to respond and modify the plan to accommodate. Always within a msg away and even helped me get back on track when life got super busy! Definitely recommend her !

Navya Jain
30 Apr 2023

It was amazing