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14 Feb 2024

Kritika and my relationship is fairly new but even in this short period of time I have nothing but great things to say about her. Kritika as an instructor is truly exceptional in her approach to training. She goes above and beyond to help you and always makes herself available whenever you need her no matter what timre of the day it is. She is extremely caring and makes sure that on top of everything you feel good about yourself and celebrate every simple small winnings. Her unwavering motivation and encouragement inspires you to push your limits and strive for your best. I am grateful for her dedication to keeping me on track and ensuring that I stay motivated on my journey to optimal health and fitness. I know I have a long way to go but knowing that I have Kritika’s full support I am confident that I can do it. Best wishes!

Anu Yadav Srivastava
14 Dec 2023

Enrolling under Coach Kritika Chatterjee has been a game-changer for me. Her coaching has not only reshaped my lifestyle but has led to a remarkable transformation, evident in a total inch loss of around 20 and a significant reduction in body fat percentage from 42% to 35% this was just 180 days under her guidance. Coach Kritika's accessibility is unparalleled. She addresses queries promptly, fostering a supportive atmosphere that promotes trust and encouragement. Her engaging group challenges ensure consistency, creating a sense of community that keeps me motivated. Kritika's coaching philosophy strikes a perfect balance between guidance and individual responsibility. While providing expert advice, she emphasizes personal commitment, making the fitness journey empowering. Her hands-on approach, including regular check-ins on meal pictures and exercise routines, ensures tailored guidance to meet specific needs. She has not just been a fitness coach but a mentor, motivator, and catalyst for positive change. Her commitment, accessibility, and holistic approach, coupled with tangible results like significant inch loss and reduced body fat percentage, make her an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Coach Kritika to anyone seeking not only fitness guidance but a supportive partner in their journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life. I have a long way to reach my goal but I now know how to go about it all Thanks to my Coach Kritika, for being an inspiration and guide!

05 Dec 2023

I am very thankful to Fittr that I got a coach like Kritika. She is like friend when I need support and like a good teacher when I want to get back on track. Since I am travelling frequently, she has curated my diet and workout accordingly. I have lost 5kgs in 2.5 months and am hopeful that I’ll lose further and reach my target with her guidance. She is always there to help and answer all my silly questions. Thank you Kritika, because of your support, I am able to fit in my pre-pregnancy outfits and feel more confident. 😊🙏

04 Dec 2023

Krittika is an excellent coach. She fit the plan to my lifestyle and limitations. She kept it practical and doable for me. She suggested doing 50 squats if the whole body workout is not possible on a day. This helped a lot to stay consistent with my workout. Also, I try to follow her advice of sticking to at least 3 parameters every day and not get stressed if I don't accomplish all five. That helps a lot to stay on track. In just 4 weeks, I have lost inches and weight. Krittika is a great coach, consistent, compassionate, and very practical.