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Rupali Mahajan
31 Aug 2023

I’ve been training with Coach Kishore from past 10 months. I enrolled under him with the vision to participate & win the ICN competition. Whatever expectations I had from him at the time of my first call, he has gone far and beyond that. He made my dream, as his own dream. He is not an old school coach. He is empathetic but also keeps the clients accountable by expecting daily workout videos, weight & diet logs. In his weekly calls he listened to my challenges & made sure to provide the diet which doesn’t require much time n effort in cooking to make it more sustainable for a working mom living in US with no domestic help & cook. The last three months of the contest prep he made sure that I practice posing everyday, corrected the errors that I was making and was so prompt in replying to my doubts and queries. The day of the contest he was shadowing me backstage & kept on boosting my morale by saying, enjoy and give your best. And, I followed the assignment. I made sure those 5 mins on stage I outshine everyone else with my oomph, sass & posing. I’m forever grateful to him for bringing out the best out of me. 🙏🏻❤️

27 Aug 2023

One of the best experiences I had with Kishor. Undoubtedly the best pick in Fittr coach lists. Started from close to 100kgs to almost now at 78kgs. Enrolled with idea of getting fit and now I had participated in ICN Championships 2023. All I can say is this the beginning! More to achieve with the association of Kishor Shivaji. Thank you once again!

Sunil Keshava
22 Aug 2023

Kishore is my go to person for any of my fitness goals, this is my second time with him and it has been a great learning again. I had enrolled with him for weight loss, with help of his knowledge I achieved 10% body fat. And now I am on my another milestone to achieve a lean mass body and he has been guiding me to gain muscle and achieve the body I wish and now working to have. If anyone asks me, what would be the best training or knowledge I have ever received about fitness from Kishore that would be 'The positive and simple way of looking at the food and most importantly CONSISTENCY'. He always says consistency, patience and trust is needed to achieve anything and that's the fact. So we are going to continue our journey, as I have lot to achieve. "Keep Inspiring Kishore"

21 Aug 2023

Kishor has been my mum’s coach since past 10 weeks. So far it has been really good experience for my mum. Her starting weight was 75kg and her Current weight is 68. The diet plan and workout plan provided to her by Kishor has worked really well. This journey has completely changed my mum’s prospective towards her health And her eating habits. Thank you Kishor for always motivating and the support you have given to my mum.