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Aakansha Singh
23 May 2023

I am here to share my amazing experience with you about Kirtika What I love about her, I love her energy, her passion, and her simplicity. Her connection with traditional eating habits and traditional ways of cooking also helped me connect more. She doesn't only work on the food aspect but also your skin, hair, your workouts which will eventually help your stamina. She makes it simple yet interesting. So if you are looking for a Nutritionist, you know where to go! ❤

Reena sharma
21 Apr 2023

Kirtika is an excellent coach who understands the needs of her mentees and prepare plans accordingly. She has given meal plans and workouts that are feasible and doable. Thank you Kirtika for understanding my health status and taking things slowly and one at a time. it is only because of your efforts and guidance that I have lost weight despite not being very consistent. but your guidance always worked. She is also very consistent in taking weekly progress. Her friendly approach and lovely way of talking makes the conversation really easy and stress-free. Feel blessed to have a coach like Kirtika

19 Apr 2023

Kirtika is professional, a kind, patient and a very understanding nutritionist and trainer. Her encouragement has given me the confidence that I needed to start this programme. After 3 short months of following her exercise and nutrition regime, I am super pleased with my progress and feel reassured that with her continued training and encouragement I will attain my goals. She created interesting workouts that allowed me to improve my upper body strength, flexibility and balance. She followed closely with me weekly boosting my confidence when my day did not go as well as I wanted and when I could not conclude my daily routine. she never gave up on me. I never thought I would lose 7 kg's in the short span of 3 months of her coaching and nutrition plan. Today I feel lighter, stronger, am more active and can think with clarity when at work. I have progressed leaps and bounds. Now I understand my body, my dietary needs and how my daily workout routine will help my overall performance and thought processes with the different roles I play as an individual. I am thoroughly grateful and so indebted to her and will recommend Kirtika to anyone and everyone who is ready to challenge and re-invent themselves. Once you put your faith and trust in Kirtika's vast knowledge, advice and recommendations, you will not be disappointed.

17 Mar 2023

Kritika is one of the best coach I have ever trained because she isn’t just the coach she becomes the your good friend over the period of time. She has a tendency to understand people’s needs based on how they want to be trained. She is very easy to work with and so supportive throughout the journey. Therefore she is the best coach I would suggest to join under her if anyone’s willing to get trained. Thanks for being the best coach.🙏🏼🙏🏼