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Angela Lewis
26 May 2023

For a person like me who is extremely lazy in working out, Khusbo had so so much patiences in keeping in touch all the time, making sure im being active and getting my workouts & diets done right, motivating, encouraging and doesnt feel tired of pushing at all times. Shes truly doing a great job as a Coach, kudos to her and truly recommending her to all as your fittr coach.

Komal Jain
26 Apr 2023

Khushbu has deep knowledge of nutrition and her guidance have not only improved my eating habits, but also my overall wellbeing. She made the diet with my comfort zone, aap toh bas bta do kya khana hai and she will add that food in your diet.I feel more energized and balanced. In my weight loss journey time i had so much health related problems but she is very supportive and adjusting. She encourages me alot. She is the BEST. Undoubtedly i will recommend Khushbu to anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate nutritionist. Thanks for being my mentor ❤️ 🙏

Nita Nelson
10 Apr 2023

Khushi is an amazing mentor! she is very knowledgeable about nutrition and its benefits and she takes every opportunity to teach rather than preach. she herself is motivated and disciplined and shows that it's not impossible. my biggest excuse was that I'm busy with kids, but she showed that's kids are not an excuse but a reason just by demonstrating that. she always talks to the point and there is no beating around the bushes. very well spend time with this amazing coach 😊 she would personally change either the nutrition or the exercises based on my need. she is very empathetic and understand that there will be lows in mind and body and crafts the weekly plans based on that.

Aishwarya Rana
06 Apr 2023

I will start by saying that I was lucky to find Khushbu on Fittr and had an incredible experience with her. She’s extremely knowledgeable about fitness ,nutrition & exercise . From creating customized workout plans to providing helpful nutrition advice like what to eat, how to replace food items & not starve 😀 even while traveling,she was always there to support me. One of the things I appreciated most is her ability to motivate me. She changed my perspective of weight loss as good health to healthy body& mind.When ever I felt stuck or low she would find a way to inspire me to push through. She’s very personable, positive and easy to talk to. She took the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I had. This made me feel like I had a true partner in achieving my fitness goals. I would highly recommend Khushbu as she’s a true professional who is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. Thanks to her I have made significant progress in my fitness journey and couldn't be happier with the results.