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10 May 2023

A good mentor or a coach is someone who helps you achieve your health goals by making changes in your thought process and not with fancy or fad diets, and that's what Kapil has done to me! I was under his guidance for over 6 months and he guided me to stick to the natural or local food rather than investing in fancy protein shakes or protein rich food. I was told to repurpose things that are in my kitchen (that i wasn't aware of). He further encouraged me to get weight training in this process towards a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much Kapil for being a great mentor.

Sona V
30 Dec 2022

Kapil was a great coach. He was neither too strict nor too lenient. Just right for me:) He knows when to let you lose and when to hold tight. Lot of times when i have too much office work, i have thought I cannot continue this routine, but he just uses the right words to motivate you. I lost almost 5 kgs in 10 weeks and feels good. Thank you Kapil!

15 Aug 2022

Kapil has been a great coach and mentor for me! Having worked with him for 6months, I lost weight and inches but most importantly I have been able to change my mindset about fitness and being able to keep at it each day. I used to think eating less = losing weight. Kapil helped me design a plan where I felt fulfilled but still lost weight. Even when I deviated, (which I did sometimes because I travel a lot), Kapil managed to bring me back on track :) lastly; as someone not in Indian timezone, I didn’t know how it would work but Kapil managed timezones really well and made himself available whenever I needed him. would love to work with kapil again in the future. 5 stars!

Riti Passi
19 Jul 2022

I started my journey with couple around a year ago and had great experience. His guidance and patience helped me to reduce unwanted fat on my body. I gained a lot of self confidence and now when I wear dresses those look great on me. He is not only a coach but a good friend. Thanks Kapil for everything!! Your help and support is much appreciated!!