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Thomas Raju
16 Jan 2024

I have been with Kapil for 2 years, and he has done a fantastic job during that time. Kapil coached me on a weekly basis and guided me through my achievements and disappointments. He taught me self-control and taught me to eat controlled portions. Body building for me will be a lifetime achievement, and Kapil provided good foundations and groundwork for my success. From meal prep plans to helping me to see results, Kapil has been with me in this journey. He has been very patient in answering my queries and never hesitated to give me advice on my exercise form. I have followed various dietig plans in the past, but the guidance from Kapil has helped me the most in making life long changes. Thank you, Kapil, for all the help and work that you have done for me, and I am truly grateful. ❤️ Thomas.

20 Oct 2023

More than a year has passed since I had the privilege of meeting my incredible Fittr coach, Kapil Ji. His unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in keeping me on track toward my weight loss goals. He imparted the wisdom that to achieve my objectives, Kapil Ji's continuous motivation and constant communication ensured I stayed committed to my path. His weekly reviews were both insightful and punctual. Thanks to his guidance, I am confident that I will maintain the positive lifestyle changes, particularly in my eating habits. Throughout this journey, Kapil Ji has become not only my coach but also a good friend. If I were to rate him, it would be a resounding 10 out of 5. I am sincerely grateful for the boost in confidence he has given me, making my goal seem more attainable than ever. Thank you.

vikram gulati
19 Sep 2023

I have been with Kapil for 3 months, I have had great transformation till date in terms of not just weight loss but also health objectives. My hypo thyroid issue is back to normal and all cholesterol numbers are in normal. Thank you for very easy to follow advise, motivation and guidance. Regards Vikram

Aben Balanandan
03 Sep 2023

It’s been more than a year now I have met this amazing person on Fittr who is my Coach but more than a coach he is a amazing person, a FAMILY, a FRIEND who understood me helped me to achieve in my fitness who always makes sure that I’m happy not only in physical appearance but even mind set who taught me the value of meaningful life how to balance everything may be family,career, financial everything. From Day 1 I started with Kapil he never ever missed any of my daily and weekly accountability report even having family function not keeping well he made sure the day he has set for me to give me feedback was always there calling me making sure he gives me my feedback, Replying to each of my daily messages regarding my concerns about having proper food or doing my steps to my workouts and have always encourage me to do my best in coming week I wish I could give more stars ⭐️ in this bcoz kapil deserves more than 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 your the best Kapil god bless you always and many more good memories in this journey with you🤗🫶🏼♥️