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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
FITTR kids
01 Feb 2023

My journey to being fit , strong and healthy Started with Kanta with normal expectations on to reduce some weight. She completely transformed me to be a stronger healthier person . I lost about 15 lbs ( way more than my expectations). My goal was to reduce about 5-7 lbs. My medical condition improved and hence changed to low medication. My strength has built from not able to do any push-up to doing 15 good pushups , not able to do burpees to doing full form burpees, from not able to do chakra asan to doing it , from not able to do plank more than 1 min to doing for 7 minutes . Fitness has improved in so many ways . These are just few examples. Now the real part of this journey was Consistency and Motivation from Kanta. If it was not Kanta , I would not have continued or come in class so many times . Kanta is truly well rounded coach. Her knowledge, skills and art to work with you is exceptional. She is magician who makes you better both physically and mentally. Thank you !!

Tanvi Anand
09 Sep 2022

Kanta maam is amazing! I was looking for a Strength+ Fitness coach who would customize workouts for me as I have neck and knee issues. Her workouts are a perfect blend of both plus at the end she does Pranayama and Savasan which is very relaxing. I look forward to her session everyday as i feel very energetic afterwards and have also seen significant improvement in my neck pain within just a week. she also keeps a personal touch by messaging and checking up on you when you're injured and is very commited. She also makes the sessions fun and entertaining. Don't think twice before enrolling as you will definitely not regret your decision!

Kewal Shah
07 Sep 2022

we have been working out with Kanta for about 6 months now. As a strength coach she is amazing . she has an eye on one's posture and her attention to detail I unparalleled. we have seen a noticeable transformation, my left shoulder injury is healed with full range of motion. I feel more energetic throughout the day and the stamina built up has helped me with my road cycling with ease. I would recommend Kanta to anyone starting out on their transformation journey!