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29 Sep 2023

Jigs have been a great coach in my weight loss journey. Right from the first call, she took keen and detailed interest in my lifestyle/preferences and current life circumstance(with a one year old baby). My dietary and exercise chart was very practical and doable, it suprised me how soon the weighing scale was responding to the changes i made through this program. Jigs was consistent with her weekly calls and passed some motivation every now and then, especially, towards the end of the program. I am so lucky that I found such a good coach in the city I call home(Sydney). P.S.- Follow Jigs on Insta @fitwihjigs to get that extra inspiration in your life!

Sushma Dhavala
14 Aug 2023

Jignyasha went above and beyond to make sure I was reaching my goals, guiding me through my diet and pushing me through my workouts. I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing 10k steps if not for her. I’ve never been a gym type but ever since starting the program with her, I’ve never felt more motivated to work out. She’s very knowledgeable, friendly and most of all motivating. Seeing her journey inspired me so much. In her current situation, she manages so well and she definitely is a role model.

siddharth mohanty
31 Jul 2023

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional coaching you've been providing me. Your guidance and dedication have been instrumental in transforming my fitness journey in the most positive way possible. From the very start, I was impressed by your professionalism and expertise. Your personalized approach, tailored specifically to my fitness goals, has made all the difference. The weekly diet charts you provide have been incredibly helpful in keeping me on track with my nutrition, and I can see how they align perfectly with my objectives. Your daily workout routines have been challenging yet achievable, pushing me to my limits while ensuring I progress steadily towards my goals. Your proactive attitude and unwavering commitment to helping me achieve the best possible results inspire me to give my all in every session. The idea of starting a workout journal, which you suggested, has been a game-changer for me. It has enabled me to track my progress, celebrate my successes, and identify areas where I can improve. Your keen interest in monitoring and analyzing my progress during our weekly connects shows just how much you genuinely care about my well-being and progress. I truly appreciate the simplicity with which you approach fitness. Your belief in the process has instilled a sense of confidence in me, making me more committed to the journey itself rather than just focusing on the end results. Beyond your expertise as a fitness coach, I am grateful for the positive energy and enthusiasm you bring. Your encouragement during tough moments has been the motivation I needed to push through and keep striving for greatness. I have no doubt that anyone who has the opportunity to work with you will experience a transformative fitness journey just like I have. You are not only an exceptional coach but also a wonderful mentor and role model.

23 Apr 2023

I am very lucky to have Jigs as my fitness partner, she is very knowledgeable and dedicated to help. One thing which makes her different from any other coach is that she gives her time and listen to our queries questions and encourage to be on track , she is always supportive when asking for any customized plan and makes us understand and gives her time to makes us comfortable. She is very connected, ask us to share daily updates for the activities and weekly connect is superb , very detailed and informative. I highly recommend people to trust her as a coach in their fitness journey.