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Location - Sydney (Australia) Hi Fitizen, Thanks for popping into my profile. You can call me Jigs or Jignyasha , whichever is easier :) Before you enrol, you would surely want to know if I can be a suitable coach for you. Sharing a bit about myself, to help you decide the same :) *****I live in Sydney (Australia) currently, and offer support to mostly Australia, NZ, India, USA and Canada. ***** #### Anybody from UK, Europe, Middle East, plz do send me a chat request and check with me before enrolling#### ***My hours - Mon - Fri - 9am - 5pm (AEST)*** Fitness has changed my life for good. I was an obese woman who couldn’t compromise on her crappy food habits and was reluctant on moving her a** of that couch! Follow me on Instagram @fitwithjigs for my transformation story and daily updates/workout, food, fun and everything! For someone who is new to quantified nutrition - my approach will be to give them structured meal plans and help them get in the groove(all basic food items and no restrictions on any food groups). For someone who has been into quantified meals for a while - I would like to educate them on flexible diet and use that approach for more sustainable lifestyle which allows a great balance with choosing foods. I believe in educating and I talk more on the calls which we do once a week, plz do not expect daily msgs or forwards for any motivation. I update my Insta stories daily with whatever I do, so that may be easy to relate than sending msgs. Any doubts/questions in msgs are welcome! My work is more of giving guidance and handheld those in need, but not to take over someone’s life. I can be a tutor who can help with what’s and whys you have, but can’t be a teacher who can smack your bum! Many people say - I need to be strict! I try to be more of a friend to my clients and help them with ease than to stress them out with tons of restrictions and work! If you think, I am your good match for a coach, hit me up in my DM or just get enrolled! I promise, I won’t disappoint you ?... Show more


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