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Ranjita Seram
23 Apr 2023

During my TC18 journey, I thought to give my best shot and I decided to look for a mentor. That's how I decided to enrolled under Jiggyasa. I know her since my Pune days, my yoga guru Jiggyasa Gupta. I had always inspired by her transformation story, her journey. Those Pune days I never wanted to miss her yoga class. The way she talks, her professionalism always moved me. I knew that she could help me in my transformation journey. Yes, I was right, we haven’t even completed 12 weeks, but I can see the changes on me so quickly. My body become toned; I can see little abs to my surprise. She is a gem of a person, very knowledgeable and whatever u want to eat she will include in your diet. My love of rice, I don’t need to give up. Thank you Jiggs, I love you❤

Rupali Gupta
30 Mar 2023

Thank You so much Jiggyasa for the dedication you showed me throughout my fitness weeks .She is very dedicated, disciplined and hard working trainer . She always push you to reach your goals . You are my FIRST TRAINER and helped me in many ways to keep my work life balance through proper diets and workouts plans. I am very happy with the guidance and due to this mindfulness eating my life changed in many different ways looking forward to enroll with her again . Thank You so much Jiggyasa for such a great trainer and beautiful soul!

23 Mar 2023

Thank you so much Jiggyasa for making me believe in my own potential. I have always been an active person. Also trained in many forms of workouts. But you my FIRST TRAINER with whom i was able to reduce down my weight below 60 which was just a dream for me in last 6-7 years. You trained me in such smooth and comfortable way that kept me out of stress during this journey. my body weight and body composition improved miraculously .All thanks to you .

Shasank Gupta
11 Dec 2022

I was 86kg in 2020, and in the Covid phase, I almost lost 21 kgs on my own in span of 7 months. Keto Diet, Low Carb Diet, Extreme HIIT and what not. I was happy with the progress but the issue started when I developed back pains. Went through MRI scan and came to know about L4L5S1 disc gel degeneration issue !! Short story I was asked to stop every activity, can’t even run !! Sit for more than 40 mins, cant drive more than hours !! No bending down or lifting !! Hell lot of restrictions for the lifetime !! Frustrated and Gained almost all the weight I lost !! Back to where I started with 84 kg !! I knew FITTR and so enrolled with Guruji - Jiggyasa as Self Gain knowledge can help for short term only. I started training with Jiggyasa 6 months ago when I was 84kg and was told by my doctor that I would be facing serious health issues if I didn’t make drastic changes. I was skeptical about coach given my past experiences. However, I looked for a coach and found Jiggyasa. I spoke to her and got a very good vibe from her. She is awesome listener, understood all the restrictions I had and created custom plan for me. She is a masterful motivator. She was not at all tough on me and was always supportive. I told her after the first few sessions I would never be exercising because of back pain. She told me to give it time and once I saw results, I started enjoying it. After a week, I increased my light training to 4 days a week. She advised me on nutrition and healthy food choices. Her nutrition plan is all encompassing. At her advice, I tracked everything I ate. I bought the foods she recommended. Mostly ghar ka normal khana- dal chawal etc And I kept up with training sessions and workouts at home. Today, I am almost 10kg lighter. I feel better and look forward to guidance under her. She has a process. She is a master of her craft and with her advice and training, I am on my way to a healthier life I never thought was possible. Trust me, take the leap and contact Jiggyasa. You’ll be making one of the best decisions of your life.