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Sourav Kundu
06 Jul 2022

This was my first time when i enrolled someone for my diet and exercise and i enrolled with Jayesh. Befor i met him I tried everything like crash course, lots of running , fasting etc but everything got on toss after few days. I enrolled with him 1st Feb and nd my tenure end with him in April end. During enrollment my weight was 108kg. I explained him everything nd did everything whatever he guided me. I m very foody and always scared to enrolled under any trainer, but let me clear the picture after discussion with Jayesh my prospects towards diet and workout get changed. It actually manageable with sligt discipline. I had lost 8kg untill April end. Therefore due to some relocation I haven't renewed it till now but I have followed his guidance till now and Today as on 6th July my weight is 95kg. I am planning to re-join under Jayesh again within month for further improvement. Thanks Jayesh and sorry for such delay in feedback as I stucked somewhere in my work.

Tathagata Dey
06 Jun 2022

During my 3 months course tenure, he did not change exercise regime or diet for a single time. He also asked to do various lab tests which should be instructed by none other than doctors. I never felt motivated under his coaching as he was trying to undermine my progress. Sorry for being brutally honest but this feedback will help the trainer most in his future career progress

Amol Kale
13 Mar 2022

Jayesh has been really helpful in my transformation journey . He has helped me in every way possible in spite of hurdles such as lack of good gym facility. I like the fact that he pushes you to maintain a proper routine by keeping track of your activities to reflect upon . This has helped me get back on track whenever I started deviating . I am extremely satisfied with his mentorship and would look forward to work more with him . Thank you Jayesh for being a super helpful mentor.

19 Feb 2022

I joined Jayesh in January 2022. I have always been a person who prefers to workout at the gym but due to lockdown i had to resort to home workouts. Although i never believed i would enjoy home workouts Jayesh made it easy and doable. He has been a great mentor, he is thorough with the concepts and always guides in a right direction. He makes sure to connect regularly from form checks to weekly meet ups. He is currently helping me out with my body recomposition and we are yet to achieve even more in the coming months. Thank you so much Jayesh for your continuous support and motivation. Picture abhi baki hai 😁💪