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Sameer D Jain
28 Oct 2021

Best coach ever! Tried everything in the past but working with Jay, I was not only seeing some significant tangible results, but also an easy adaptation of optimum fitness and diet as part of my daily lifestyle. He was extremely flexible about my diet preferences, lifestyle and workouts. My journey was hampered by some injuries, travels and personal issues. He never let me lose sight of the bigger picture and the constant weekly motivation kept me going strong. In some ways, the 12-week program with Jay has been life changing.

Abhay Jaykar
25 Oct 2021

Enrolling with Jay has been one of my best decisions in 2020. He is extremely approachable, professional, knowledgeable and passionate. Love the always positive attitude and the guidance and coaching provided. So far the only way I knew how to lose weight was cut carbs completely and increase exercise focusing more on cardio. Jay introduced me to quantified nutrition and it is a game changer! I don't feel restricted in what I want to eat but I just plan my week around what I want to eat. Also he helped us focus on the right things because weight alone is an imperfect measure of health. In 5 months, I have dropped inches and my blood pressure and cholesterol has been the lowest. Trust the process and trust the expert, ignore everything else. We have now enrolled in the 24 weeks partner transformation and are absolutely loving it.

Vishant Nand
20 Oct 2021

Ive just finished my 12 week transformation with Jay and I can say what I haven't been able to achieve in 5 years I have in the last 12 weeks. Jay is an amazing trainer and mentor who has guided me with the right balance of patience and challenge to get me to where I am today. Jay is always ready to listen and pivot the journey based on your personal needs. It also helped that Jay is based in Australia like myself and is aware of local products and produce etc to add to your plan. Looking forward to the journey ahead. Thanks Jay.

Meghal Shetty
10 Oct 2021

Jay is a highly qualified fitness coach who genuinely cares about your health and progress. He has immense passion for what he does and gives you simplistic and science backed approach to follow. His mantra is simple - trust the process and be consistent; results will follow. Under the guidance of Jay, I’ve been able to achieve a level of fitness that I once thought was impossible. I’ve learnt about nutrition, and what the right composition of my daily food intake should be. Now, my brain knows what to eat and what not to eat, and my cravings for ultra-processed food have disappeared. With Jay, you won't get a cookie-cutter plan. It will be customised per your goals and likings. Midway transformation, I found out that I'm pregnant; Jay quickly amended my plan that was suitable for my pregnancy. Not to mention, he was SO supportive throughout. Not only am I physically in good shape, but I feel amazing mentally as well. I’m also able to sustain this new physique while still being able to enjoy the foods and drinks that I like. Thankyou Jay! You're a gem of a person. Forever grateful to you ❤️