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Strength and Conditioning
29 May 2023

This is my second month of training with Jagjot. She is extremely professional and at the same time a kind, compassionate and friendly trainer. I had never trained properly in my life, neither did I feel the enthusiasm to train. But I am happy to say that Jagjot has changed that for me. My strength has increased, I feel that I can do more extensive and heavy work due to the training. I have always been underweight but I can see the little changes already, for example my arms and legs look stronger now. I would really like to thank Jagjot for being such an amazing trainer and really focusing on my individual goals instead of just providing generic exercises. We always mix and match our exercises and she tries to keep it interesting. I think for almost every amateur fitness enthusiast motivation is a big thing. Jagjot really motivates you in a sweet yet strict way, so that you don't get too comfortable with your training but rather push the boundaries of your capacity and try to do more. I would recommend her to everyone who is serious about gaining a fit and strong body.

Viral Patel
22 May 2023

I have been training with Jagjot for three months now and I can confidently say that she is an amazing coach! She always had been very patient and paid attention to my form in our sessions. She has a great way of explaining things and making sure that I understand the exercises properly. Her knowledge of calisthenics is impressive and she always comes up with new and challenging workouts that keep me motivated. I didn’t have any prior background in calisthenics but with Jagjot’s guidance, I have made so much progress in such a short amount of time. I feel stronger, more confident and healthier than ever before. Jagjot is not only an excellent coach but also a great motivator. She always encourages me to push myself harder and never give up. Her positive attitude and energy are contagious and make the workouts even more enjoyable. She provides easy techniques to do hard stuff like pull-ups by strengthening all the muscle groups needed to do one through different exercises and progressions. Jagjot is always on time and is motivated and committed to my success. She is always available to answer any questions that I have and provides me with valuable feedback on my progress. I highly recommend Jagjot to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level and learn more about calisthenics. She is truly one of the best coaches out there!

Shraddha Khanwalkar
10 Feb 2023

Very happy to write feedback for Jagjot, she is a wonderful trainer - humble and polite person- who trained me before/ongoing to achieve my goal. She understood my goals and strength, and is training me accordingly, she helps me to correct my form when needed. The best part about her that I like is she involves herself to train me and make sure exercise doesn't sound boring by changing exercise routine every day and giving me challenges.Also, she pushes to go to the extreme so as to build strength. I really feel Nice after working out with her, I am glad that I found her in the first place and will be continuing with her only going further. Anyone who is thinking to train with her - I would definitely recommend her, without any thoughts given. I appreciate all the efforts she had put in me to help me reduce weight. Thank you for all your support in this weight loss journey.

Neha Agrawal
06 Dec 2022

Jagjot is one amazing trainer and i am lucky to have found her . Its been 2 months with Jagjot and am so happy to see my progress each day.She makes sure that we are progressing in each exercise. She keeps correcting our posture. With her in each set we progress. She is a wonderful and also a very sweet trainer . Thanks Jagjot for all your efforts . I am not stopping now . It ll always be you as my personal trainer.