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Bhavika gianani
22 Sep 2023

I had gained around 10 kgs in a year, I started my weight loss journey with ishwar he is very knowledgeable coach, as I am a working mother he helps me to follow a sustainable diet, also tought me the importance of sleep in weight loss. Very cooperative and supporting listen to each and everything patiently looking forward to continue my weight loss journey with him.

Dinesh Ahuja
18 Jul 2023

Last year I gained 10 kgs and touched my all time weight of 84 kgs. Then I decided to shed some weight and started training and dieting by myself since I had some prior experience. I lost around 4 kg but was not satisfied and thought of enrolling with a more knowledgeable coach to understand better. I got to know about Ishwar Sir from one of my friends and I enrolled with him. Now the journey from 80 kg to 75 kg starts,With Ishwar I understood the basic core components and approach of dieting. How this fat loss journey can be easy and sustainable without any fancy food items. The diet was regular food items. The nutrition was to the point. Now training, Even when I was loosing fat I was gaining muscle mass which was evident when we take progress pictures. This was because of the proper training schedule that he provided. My strength was improving week by week and I was lifting more weight. Thanks to Ishwar, I understood how simple nutrition and training can be when learnt from an experienced person. With him you will not only achieve your goals but will learn how to incorporate this thing in your life and make a healthy lifestyle all together. Thank you Ishwar enrolling with you was the best choice I made 😊

Anil Ahuja
18 Jul 2023

In the last few years I gained weight and crossed 90 kg which at the age of 50 is not good.So, with my son's recommendation I enrollment with Ishwar. At first I was sure that maybe with just diet and walking I will be able to lose weight but after our first talk Ishwar taught me the importance of exercising and how it will help to maintain a healthy body. His diet is just like having daily food items and that's how I was very comfortable following the same. If there was any issue he was just a call away. I lost 7 kgs in 2.5 months and still in progress to lose more. Thanks to Ishwar I understand the importance of healthy eating and exercise which I can follow in my day to day life. I feel more active and focused.

Kajal Anil Ahuja
18 Jul 2023

This is my first time doing any training and dieting. At first I thought that with my household tasks I may not be able to do training or prepare seperate diet items for me. Because of Ishwar and my son I was motivated and slowly but steadily I started doing my training. Now I feel more energetic and light weighted.I feel happy now when people give compliment and watching me they are also getting motivated. Ultimately health is wealth 😊 Thank you Ishwar for keeping dieting and training as simple as possible and continues support.