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Strength and Conditioning
Martial Arts
Adheep Shetty
30 Mar 2023

Great PT. Would surely recommend anyone who is planning to enroll for FITTR PT.

arvind ananthanarayanan
18 Mar 2023

Ishaan has been training me and my spouse for almost 3 months. He has tailored an excellent workout package for us (which he actively tweaks and adapts in-session based on our individual needs). Ishaan strikes a tight balance between pushing us hard without overwhelming us. His pleasant and respectful demeanor makes us look forward to our sessions. Even on those tough days when we are sore or havent gotten enough sleep, we have found the motivation to get out of bed and show up for sessions. Our general fitness and energy levels since we started training with Ishaan. Highly recommended.

05 Nov 2022

I have been coaching under Ishaan for last 3 month now and it’s been a great journey so far. Ishaan is very professional, polite, friendly and considerate. He truly cares for his clients and it shows in his work. He will always take the time to explain and make you understand the ‘why’ behind certain exercises and push you to do better based on your capacity, I have completely enjoyed my trainings with him and like the friendly banter we have during that time. I can already see changes in my body and will continue training with him. I would highly recommend Ishaan 👍

charles dickens
31 Aug 2022

Ishaan did an initial assessment for me on the first week. After the assement he laid a plan based on my form and fitness. I have trained with ishaan for a month now and already see some changes in my fitness. He also has indepth knowledge of excercises specific to each part of the body. Apart from this he is very disciplined with the routine but also very amicable. Would surely recommend him to start your fitness journey