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Deepti Thukral
14 Oct 2022

no coach can be better than her...she will keep you motivated and will give her best... you won't call her but she will continuously follow up with you for your progress..always available to talk in fact after her working hours also. she will answer all your queries so patiently. In short she is the BEST

Pushpita saha
26 Jun 2022

Gratitude post I was already enrolled with a coach in fittr and had participated in tc12,we(me n husband)were sure to achieve the best of ourselves post tc,but as they say things don’t go as planned and this was surely not on our list.I was pregnant!! It was indeed a surprise for me ,and being my first pregnancy i gave up on my work out and soon after i got carried away with my pregnancy cravings and so what happens,I gained 12 kg weight postpartum. I made sure to shred those extra kilos and So my husband advised me to get enrolled under my usual fittr coach Honey Kumar and since then i have no looking back. Today i have lost all those extra kilos and best part is i can wear all my pre pregnancy clothes.Rather i now weigh less then my pre pregnancy weight😜.I have taken my initial transformations with honey and even to loose my post wedding weights.She is strict and straight..and everytime i could see my results.And so when it came to loose my postpartum weight she was the only name that came to my mind.Journey to fitness is about hardwork and patience..and this is what fittr teaches you! I am happy to reach below my pre pregnancy weight before my lil one turned 1 ,i rather got stronger with all the weight training i have been doing all this while.All thanks to my coach honey kumar who has been there in this journey and motivating me through out. I am not here to stop,from here begins my journey to reach my goal to get at my best in terms of fitness! Thank u again honey and let’s continue this journey !!

Kuldeep Kulshreshtha
06 Feb 2022

After hopping from one coach to another I finally found Honey. Incidentally she has also assidted in a major transformation in my wife as well ( 35kgs+ drop in 7 months). What I love about honey is a daily follow up which I have come to realise makes a lot of difference in ones transformative journey. Weekly follow ups which most coaches do leaves room for slip ups a lot more and before you know a week here and a week there and the derailment begins. Not only does honey do a daily check, she has also made it compulsory for me to share food pics when I have them. To some it might be a bit intrusive and annoying but doing these little check-ins daily creates a habit which sticks and helps and it takes a lot of effort for any coach to do this and hence I have a lot of respect for honey and if you need a friend coach to be by your side at all times..she is the perfect coach. I have lost 3.5 kgs in about 3 weeks but more than losing weight it is the lifestyle which I have started to enjoy and I know the weight loss will follow.Just as anyone else I too succumb to pressure sometimes and slip away or there is a sudden dinner or lunch plan with colleagues. In such times I do not fear to tell her the truth and show her what I am going to eat and she guides me and if required scolds too if needed. It is this chemistry that is working perfectly for me...she understands my situations beyond just the diet. my work challenges etc and guides if you are looking for a friend not think twice..honey will sweeten it up perfectly for you as she has done for me...

Deepali Patil
18 Dec 2021

Honey is a great coach i have ever mate . She gives a diet which can be followed easily . She gives personal attention and is always helpful . I have got the best results .