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22 Sep 2023

I can't thank Hitesh enough for the incredible guidance and support he's provided on our fitness journey. My husband and I embarked on this couple's program with him back in January 2019, and we've been on and off several times since. Over the past four years, Hitesh has been instrumental in instilling long-term healthy habits in us. He truly emphasizes the importance of building a sustainable lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, rather than resorting to short-lived sprints. Hitesh's extensive knowledge, motivational spirit, and understanding have helped us stay on track consistently. His daily updates serve as a constant source of motivation to strive for improvement every day. Moreover, his readiness to address our queries and regular weekly progress calls have been invaluable. With his guidance, we've both transformed into healthier versions of ourselves, and what's remarkable is that he doesn't advocate extreme low-calorie diets but rather focuses on a holistic and sustainable approach. Hitesh tailors his coaching to fit our unique lifestyles and food preferences, offering a diverse range of food choices to keep things interesting. His workouts strike the perfect balance between engaging and manageable, making them suitable for our busy schedules. We couldn't be happier with the positive impact Hitesh has had on our lives, and we wholeheartedly recommend him as a fitness coach who truly cares about his mentees' long-term well-being.

19 Sep 2023

It has been a great experience working with coach Hitesh who is one amazing fitness coach . He tries to lay foundation for a long journey and not shortcuts for a sprint . He not only assisted me in achieving my goals but gave me lifelong learnings about fitness and proper lifestyle. He is very professional and contains great knowledge . He will keep a track on your daily updates which I really appreciated since it gave me motivation to even work hard . All thanks to coach Hitesh and without his motivation this transformation wasn’t possible .

Manish Chhetia
18 Sep 2023

My experience with Hitesh sir has been amazing. I have had four coaches on Fittr before, but Hitesh's approach is unique. He has truly transformed my perspective on health and fitness. From the very first session, it was evident that he wasn't just interested in helping me shed a few pounds or build muscle; he was dedicated to improving my overall health from the inside out. His commitment to prioritizing internal health over external appearances and abs really sets him apart. I have seen many coaches on Fittr who keep their clients on low-calorie diets to show quick results in 3 months. You see many transformations on Fittr in 3 months or 6 months, but all those transformations show only external appearances. Many people don't talk about the rebound effect, and they gain their weight back once they return to their normal diet, which happens to most people who achieve their goals in a very short term. There are also hormonal imbalances that occur when you are on a low-calorie diet. My enrollment with Hitesh sir was a real eye-opener for me. I realized my relationship with food was unhealthy, and I was scared to eat so much to avoid gaining any weight, but he changed that perspective for me. He told me about his strategy for long-term goals, focusing on improving metabolism, hormonal balances, and internal health. In a world obsessed with quick fixes and shortcuts, his approach is like a breath of fresh air. Additionally, things like daily updates and replacement sheets are the unique selling points of Hitesh sir. If you are looking for long-term goals, I would highly recommend him. He is the best on Fittr without any doubt.

Vrinda patil
16 Sep 2023

Hello. I’m a new mom. I’m following hitesh sir from 2022 i guess but whenever i try to enrol under him his slots are always full. I’ve joined fitter earlier also under different coaches but hitest sir is the best. The best part of his plan is replacements. We can have anything like anything. Since I’m a new mom, he understood all my requirements and given diet and workouts accordingly. Even though I’m lactating I’ve lost 6kgs till now without affecting lactation. This diet is so much helping me to gain my stamina. Abhi to bass shuruwat hai…