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Prathamesh Tade
25 Jul 2023

I've been working with Hitesh for the past few months, and I'm so glad I did. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced trainer who has helped me reach my fitness goals. One of the things I appreciate most about Hitesh is his receptiveness to my needs. He takes the time to understand my fitness goals and tailors my workouts accordingly. He's also very responsive to my feedback, and is always willing to make adjustments to my program. In addition to being a great trainer, Hitesh is also an expert in nutrition. He has helped me develop a healthy eating plan that supports my fitness goals. I'm so grateful for his guidance and support, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Vinayak Dhole
24 Jul 2023

"Diet plan was well-balanced, offering variety and satisfying meals. The workout plan was challenging yet effective, targeting different muscle groups. My trainer's expertise helped me achieve remarkable progress, promoting overall health and fitness. Highly recommended for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals!"

Vallaki Dalvi
03 Jul 2023

Hitesh is an excellent coach and mentor in my fitness journey so far. he is patient in understanding my requests and is always there to guide and motivate me. very mature and understanding my health Issues and provides me with doable solutions.i will continue my post maternity fitness journey with him till I reach my goal.

Kanak Changlani
01 Jul 2023

Hitesh is an excellent coach and a wonderful human being. He explains his ideas and logic for weight loss in a very clear and concise manner. His approach is one of no nonsense but at the same time he is not very hard on you if you falter along the way. I lost 4 kgs under his guidance which could have been more had it not been for my commitment failures and injuries. I will continue my weight loss journey with Hitesh and i highly recommend him for anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals. Lets do this Champ ✌️