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Namita Mall
30 Sep 2023

very knowledgeable coach. It has been a pleasant experience to learn from him.

Nishant Shah
30 Sep 2023

He has a great understanding of nutrition, energy balances and exercises forms. He answers all the questions very patiently. Have been able to reduce body fat % from 35% to 13% in nine months. Highly recommended.

Disha Agrawal
01 Jul 2023

I enrolled under Himanshu in 2022 for my weight loss journey. I was very committed when I started but it is natural to have ups and downs which i also faced in my journey but as a coach Himanshu was very supportive and he has a practical answer with example of all your queries. And due to his motivation and thumb rules i lost overall 10 kgs while enjoying my cheat meals.During this journey he has cleared all my myths regarding diet and excessive whenever i use to get attracted towards fancy diets on instagram which helped me a lot to change my mindset towards weight loss journey. Now my lifestyle has changed a lot and thanks to my coach for it. I was lucky to have a mentor like him … Thank u Himanshu…. Highly recommend

hrushikesh deo
13 Apr 2023

I enrolled under Himanshu in January 2023. I decided to fully commit to the coaching of Himanshu and started seeing results within a month. He has a very simple philosophy where he asked me to keep track of my water intake, step count, sleep quality and strength training. Himanshu is always a message away if you have any doubt and quick to respond. He has a wealth of knowledge in overall health, nutrition, and fitness. I highly recommend Himanshu to anyone interested in achieving their health and fitness goals. Thank you Himanshu for your coaching and guidance.