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Bhavna Samant
19 Nov 2023

For the past 19 years, I've been striving to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. Despite various attempts like gym memberships, home workouts, intermittent fasting, and fad diets, the results were short-lived. After contracting COVID in 2021, I gained a few extra pounds. My search for a solution led me to FITTR. I contacted the FITTR help desk for guidance in finding a coach. Coach Himanshu was one of the suggested options with the advance package. The journey with coach Himanshu has been incredible. After sharing my daily diet, the first thing he said, that I was eating a high-fat diet, surprised me. I had always avoided strength training, but with Himanshu's encouragement, I started with lighter weights and witnessed positive changes. Eating a consistent breakfast was challenging, but I realized it prevented mid-morning hunger. There were times when measurements showed no change, but Himanshu emphasized patience, assuring that results would manifest. His well-crafted diet and workout plans proved effective. Weekly assessments and calls helped me stay focused. Witnessing my pre-pregnancy weight on the scale was surreal—had to take a picture to seize the moment. Thanks to Himanshu, these 8 months have been rewarding. I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in the maintenance phase under his guidance.

Rishi Santhosh
25 Sep 2023

Taking a moment to acknowledge Coach Himanshu's pivotal role in my fitness journey. His thoughtfully designed diet and workout plans have been instrumental. His consistent motivation during our sessions keeps me on track, and his weekly progress assessments are a constant source of encouragement. Beyond being a coach, Himanshu has become a supportive friend. His guidance has not only transformed my fitness but also my perspective on health. Himanshu, your dedication to my progress is truly commendable, and I'm looking forward to achieving more milestones together. Thank you for being an exceptional coach and mentor!

24 Sep 2023

It was wonderful to train with himanshu, the diet and workout was awesome. I was able to bring down my weight and reduce inches. Never had to feel hungry as the diet was perfect for me. He Cleared all my doubts and told me why I am doing everything in the plan. He is one of the best coaches in the platform

Frazer Pereira
31 Aug 2023

Just finished my 3 month adventure. Had a transformation to be proud of. Had good support and guidance from Himanshu. He helped with both good and bad days. Now I'm confident of continuing the fitness journey to achieve higher.