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Atul Gupta
25 May 2023

Heartfelt Gratitude to Himanshu! I can't thank you enough for the incredible transformation you've helped me achieve in the past six months. Your guidance in diet plans, strength training, and regular follow-ups has been phenomenal. You've gone above and beyond, accommodating my meeting reschedule requests and adjusting my diet to fit my office travel requirements. Your persistence, commitment, and understanding have been remarkable. I'm grateful for your unwavering support and the simple yet effective approach you've taken. Your regular follow-ups and adherence nudges have kept me motivated and focused throughout this journey. You've always been there, providing the accountability I needed to stay on track. Thanks to you, I've achieved significant results. I've lost 11 kg, reduced my waist by 3 inches, chest by 2 inches, and hips by 3 inches. These achievements are a testament to your knowledge and coaching methods. Himanshu, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've not only transformed my body but also empowered me with the knowledge and motivation to live a healthier, happier life. I'm forever grateful for the positive impact you've had on my journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Himanshu as the perfect fitness coach for anyone seeking a transformation without complicated diets or unnecessary experiments. His dedication, expertise, and genuine care for his clients are evident in everything he does. With Himanshu as your guide, you can confidently achieve your fitness goals.

Princy Samuel
03 Feb 2023

Himanshu is an amazing coach. During COVID I turned to food for dealing with all the emotional stress caused due to lockdown. Late 2021, I started HIIT gym program..I used to go 3 times atleast every week…to my shock there was no difference in my weight even after 6 months…this was unreal because in past when I did HIIT I easily started losing weight despite my hypothyroidism….my health started showing some physical discomfort which lead me thinking it’s bottom hill from here…I was very sad and frustrated…it started showing in my behavior towards my friends n family. During my rant of frustration of unable to lose weight in my 40’s and blaming completely my hormones (although that does play role) …my dear friend in mid 2022 told me to give FITTR and specifically Himanshu a shot since she got huge success. I honestly thought I was eating fine…lo behold I was wrong….Himanshu showed me the tweaks that needed to start…as a foodie I am not going to lie…giving up snacks was huge uphill battle. But Himanshu consistently encouraged to follow the path and bring in changes…giving up unhealthy snacks played mood swings to my surprise..the days when my mind played games of craving for unhealthy food..Himanshu reminded of benefits of sticking through…like any human I had weeks where I failed but Himanshu encouraged through that ….all these changes showed small but significant changes over the course of 6 months I am enrolled with him…my friends are seeing more calmer…I can feel sense of happiness inside and that is also reflecting in gym…the exercises I couldn’t do last year this year I am progressing to do it. The weeks I fell back Himanshu checked with me twice. The feeling of fitting in clothes pre-Covid size is just happiness I can’t explain…I wouldn’t have reached here without Himanshu’s guidance. Lost 10 kgs in the journey so far ..and looking forward to getting in better state of mind n health. Like Himanshu says this is LIFESTYLE change….😊

Ayush Singh
10 Dec 2022

I started my fitness journey under Himanshu's mentorship in the second half of 2020, it's been almost 2 years and the journey has not just been of physical transformation but mental as well. From making small tweaks in the food habits in beginning to a lifestyle change from understanding forms of basic exercises to understanding the nuances of fitness, it has been a journey of learning and evolving. I was almost 80kgs when I enrolled under Himanshu with a double chin, waist of around 39 inches and strength wise very poor. Add pandemic to this where I had limited means given gyms were closed and strict rules regulations limited basic movements outside as well. But the way Himanshu designed my plan was brilliant which enabled me to start with my lifting journey from home and with diet he didn't put me on some crash diet plan but kept all the foods which I liked or preferred so that i develop that habit of not cheating on my meals. The results were something I never thought of, I was able to lose almost 13 kgs, my waist came down to 32 inches from 39 and I became a completely different person mindset wise as well. Fast forward to today and I continue to work with him with the focus of building muscles, getting big and lean. While the physical growth and goals will continue to evolve one thing that has made me stick with him is the way his guidance has made sure fitness becomes my second nature and not something to do out of compulsion. I would strongly recommend anyone reading this to start their fitness journey with Himanshu.

stanley thomas
07 Dec 2022

Never thought I will embark on this journey with Fittr as in my head I was already fairly active. However, based on a recommemfation, I decided to give it a real go and properly start my fitness journey. I am based in UK and researched a lot to find a coach who have done a few transformations and seemed to care for their clients and thats when I came across Himanshu. I started my fitness journey under Himanshu's guidance about 8 months ago and must admit if has been an eye opening experience. Himanshu has been superb, made me a very good diet plan as per my stats, listened to what I wanted to achieve and also came up with a proper workout plan. He is really pleasant to speak to, always motivating and nudges you gently to get back to routine whenever you go off track. So where am I now in this journey one may ask? I am fitter, 9kg lighter, leaner, enjoyijng exercising within a regular weekly routinr and more than anything very aware of food and fitness. What you put in is what you get and Himanshu has been the driver behind my ongoing transformation journey. I cannot thank you enough for your help, guidance and motivation