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Gagan Samran
26 Feb 2024

I had the privilege of working with Hemant as my fitness coach and I can confidently say that he is the best. With his expert guidance, I successfully achieved my weight loss goal through meticulously crafted resistance training workout plan and personalized quantified nutrition diet plan. Hemant commitment to his clients goes beyond just physical transformations. Following his tailored diet and workout regimen not only led to significant weight loss but also brought about noticeable improvements in my overall health and fitness. His holistic approach to fitness has truly made a positive impact on my overall well being. I am immensely grateful to Hemant for being a supportive and knowledgeable coach throughout my fitness journey. If you are looking for a dedicated professional who can help you achieve your goals and enhance your overall health, Hemant Rao is the one to trust. Highly recommended!

Harika Tadepally
09 Feb 2024

Hemant has always been so patient with my ever changing lifestyle and has made changes to my plans whenever I requested. He is the best coach I ever had for various reasons- he always motivates me, there was never a day I slept hungry, focuses on recovery as much as the workout- to name a few. I have known him for a couple of years now and I never felt stronger. Thank you for everything, Hemant! You’re the best coach and even better human!

Bhagya pioneer
08 Feb 2024

Hemanth … Amazing Human being… Amazing Coach … Amazing Guru. Life is never easy Staying abroad and living a lifestyle without even knowing how bad to worst damage we do with ourself… 1st thing we do is go in DEPRESSION with no clue how when where to start… My brother referred me (who is also Hemanth client) than I referred my husband aswell… Awesome guidance motivation with looooooooooooooots of Patience 🧿 🤗 we all had wonderful 🏅 results.. Thank you HeMan🤩🙏🏻

Harsha Lalwani
21 Nov 2023

Hemant is an amazing coach along with good listener , passionate, personable coach whom I met by chance referred by friend. Feedback is formal way to let everone know that how amazing Hemant is , he really helped me in each and every way, day in day out , to stay consistent and achieve my goals in the best possible way. He gave me so much of customization that it was not challenging to follow the diet and workouts but it was challenge to be practical about my growth which he has already forseen for me from day 1 of enrollment with him. He is a practical coach who helps mentees to give their best in personal life along with the lifestyle a Fittr follower wants I would say. Whenever I was challenged, Hemant was definitely there to listen me ,motivate and bring me back to the track of my dreams, when I dare to dream , he helped me to acheive it for life. Thanks for being my coach and Mentor Hemant.