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Strength and Conditioning
17 May 2023

I have been training with Hemant sir for 2 months now . He is an excellent coach. He is very flexible with schedule and always ensure to make the workout fun and intense at the same time . His motive is not only to make you do exercise but to make sure we don’t overdo or over stress our body during workout. He emphasis a lot on correct posture for various exercises . I highly recommend him

Vaishnavi Ganseh
21 Apr 2023

I’ve been training with coach Hemanth for over a month now. I’m really glad I decided to enrol under him. His dedication towards his clients is commendable. I have renewed for another 3 months under him and am confident that will achieve my dream body under his guidance before my wedding 😊 highly recommend.

Sneha Jainapur
06 Apr 2023

I came across Hemant’s profile by chance while searching and talking to other coaches and by far I must say the best decision I made to get trained under him. It’s been over 2 months, he’s been coaching me, and is excellent at what he does! Every workout has been different and filled with variety of exercises. He is very flexible in planning his sessions, be it at home or gym.. He understands client’s body needs and limits so pushes and motivates accordingly. I could see changes in my body within the first 3 weeks of joining him and with regular workouts I see increase in my stamina, strength and toning of body. He is very serious in planning sessions in order to meet client’s goals. Also, it has always been fun working out with him. His main focus is to get the posture right first and then increase weights which I believe is a great sign of a coach. At the same time, he does what he says or trains by doing himself ie. his own workouts. I would recommend anybody wanting to achieve their fitness goals, by training under him. Best coach and a very kind person indeed. Thank you!

Swati Seli
21 Aug 2022

Workouts he curated were good and effective. He sensed the energy and pushed accordingly which has helped me a lot to get back on track with my workouts. He is flexible and motivating and keeps sharing information whenever i asked. I completed my 3 months training with satisfied mind.