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Havi Yelgadi

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Alison Calisthenics European Certification

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Strength and Conditioning
Amrita Chadha
08 Jan 2024

I have now been training with Havi for the last few months and it has been a great experience. He is knowledgeable and encourages you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, which I am thankful for. He has kept me committed and goal oriented. Grateful for your support and guidance!

Asma Tameem
04 Nov 2023

I have been training with havi for last 2 months and it has been a great experience. He is a dedicated trainer and very vested in achieving client goals. Thank you for the great support guidance and motivation.

Rohan Ghumare
29 Oct 2023

I and my wife have had the privilege of working with our strength training personal trainer Havi for the past several months, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. His expertise and dedication to helping us achieve our fitness goals have been exceptional. The personalised workout routines have truly made a significant impact on our strength and overall well-being. What sets our trainer apart is his ability to motivate and challenge us, making every session enjoyable and productive. We appreciate his professionalism, punctuality, and the genuine care he shows for his client. I highly recommend our strength training personal trainer to anyone looking to make meaningful progress in their fitness journey. Thank you for your outstanding support and guidance!

shuchi sharma
25 Oct 2023

I have been training with Havi since few months now and really appreciate his efforts to impeccable form to achieve maximum workout effectiveness.Overall a dedicated trainer helping to achieve personal fitness goals.