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Strength and Conditioning
25 Oct 2022

“Over the years, I have joined numerous gyms but nothing took. So I have decided I needed a fitness program, I opted for a personal trainer. Havi assessed me and set up a personal program based on my age and my abilities. I quickly discovered that I was unlikely to follow it because of my long working hours so frequently- so Havi modified the timing and schedule. I have been very impressed by his adaptability and knowledgeability. I don’t have a cookie cutter routine, I have a personal one. Havi is always encouraging, always smiling and always ready to make useful suggestions and modifications. He is always cheerfully and while he pushes hard to get to my goal. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personalised and flexible fitness regime.’’

21 Jun 2022

Havi is the best. He calls himself beast, but, he is so sweet. He is genuinely interested in making you better. He doesn't hold back and shares all that he knows and expects you to give your best. I am a better person, because I workout with Havi.

21 Jun 2022

Havi keeps you honest and accountable. In a our busy lives we need somebody to nudge us into our healthier selves. It was hard workout with him in the beginning, but, I started looking forward to my next workout and plan my day around it. No matter what level you are at, Havi will make you better. Thank you Havi for starting this journey and I can't wait for our next session.

Dr Hemant Sadhna
18 Jan 2022

Havi knows the body science, he is excellent for one who shows sincerity and do what he says. He has excellent knowledge, it only worth if you as a student give 100%. He was exceptional talent I found on this platform. Best regards