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Khushboo Patel
20 Jun 2023

Harshal Kamthe has been a real pleasure to work with. We started the journey around 30th April 2023 and Harshal really took the time to get to know me, my lifestyle, my needs, my goals and my areas of weakness. He knew how to strike a good balance between being understanding but also encouraging discipline. Harshal was patient, non-judgmental and educated me around nutrition and exercise. He worked with me to help build my confidence in the gym, which was a massive struggle of mine. Whilst working with coach Harshal, I found that my overall confidence improved massively. At the beginning I was worried about being overly dependent on a coach to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but Harshal has an approach which is incredibly supportive but also builds confidence in a way which enables me to make my new Fittr lifestyle a more realistic and sustainable way to live. I feel as though I have incorporated small but significant changes which will be feasible to maintain on a long-term basis. Whilst I am still in the very early stages of my fitness journey, I recognise this is an ongoing process and thanks to my coach, I feel confident to continue this journey. He also emphasised that food and fun do not have to be associated with shame or guilt which I absolutely love! Harshal has worked collaboratively with me to ensure I continue this journey with a positive and progressive outlook. Thank you coach and keep doing what you're doing!

Aaishwarya Khalane
13 Feb 2023

I’ve been consulting Harshal for over a year now and my experience with him has truly been life changing. I’d tried losing weight several times with several different coaches but the results weren’t satisfactory. Harshal helped me achieve sustainable results by adopting a sustainable diet and workout regime. His knowledge and scientific background in health and nutrition is truly impeccable. His patience in understanding my difficulties and needs and providing appropriate guidance along with the constant support and motivation is what I really appreciate. I definitely recommend enrolling with him as your mentor if you wish to embark on your fitness journey!

Surbhi Ghadge
08 Feb 2023

I have been working with Harshal for past couple of months, he is someone who listens very patiently and answer all your queries. He makes you feel comfortable and is very supportive. He always says that loosing weight is not a “quick fix” but a “Lifestyle Change”! I highly recommend him.

Manish Grover
08 Feb 2023

I have been working with Harshal for an year now and he has been a great trainer and has helped me with my weight loss and gain journey. He regularly takes updates and is always available for a call if you have any queries about the workouts and diet. He listens to the client and tries to create a workout and diet according to your preference. He has great knowledge about workouts and nutrition. Would highly recommend him.