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Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training & Nutrition
Ninad Pimparkar
13 May 2023

Very enthusiastic & knowledgeable coach. He knows how much to push & how much to hold back. Injury prevention is perhaps most important & Gurkirat helps manage that very well. I see great results & will definitely recommend him to others.

24 Feb 2023

I have been training with Gurkirat for past 2 months and let me tell you it is one of the best decision I have taken in my fitness journey. Never thought a person can be this willing to make your dream a reality, but here he is. From day 1 we have worked upon every single thing together which made achieving my fitness goals alot easier. Before starting with our plan I made it quite clear that along with my eating my habits I struggle massively with being disciplined and get discouraged quite easily. But his daily assurances not only pushed me to be a better version of myself but also to kick put every single excuse that didn't made any sense. Mr. Gurkirat is very very knowledgeable...I mean these days you rarely find people like him who really loves what they do..and he is one of them...for sure...Apart from this he very patient and humble and never backs away from listening to you and what you feel ..when process starts getting slow. From Improving my eating habits to correcting my forms he has helped me immensely to become someone I am proud of today. I mean I fell in love with myself and this fitness journey only because I had Mr Gurkirat as my coach.

Vaidehi Bhandari-Jain
10 Feb 2023

As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, I have tried a number of personal trainers in my journey to reach my fitness goals. However, none of them have come close to the level of expertise, dedication, and passion that Gurkirat ji possesses. Kirat ji (as I call him) has an exceptional ability to understand my fitness needs and tailor workouts that challenge me while ensuring that I am safe and injury-free. With each session, I feel a sense of accomplishment and progress, which keeps me motivated to work hard. He has a unique approach to training that blends technical knowledge with creativity, making each session an exciting and invigorating experience which is personally tailored towards me. What sets him apart from others is their genuine care and concern for their clients' wellbeing. He takes the time to understand my goals, my strengths, and limitations, and provide me with actionable tips and advice to help me reach my goals. He is always available to answer any questions I may have and offer encouragement when I need it most. He is also very genuine person at heart and shows care to all his clients by going above and beyond. I am truly grateful to have found such a fantastic personal trainer and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. If you're looking for someone who is knowledgeable, supportive, and truly passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals, look no further! Kirat singh is THE man! He’s a GOAT and therefore I have renewed my long term commitment with him. FITTR you’re very lucky to have him in your squad.

Sahil Jain
23 Dec 2022

This is my second month with Gurkirat and I am really enjoying my workouts. He is an excellent personal trainer with knowledge, focus and professionalism. I really like how he is always on time, well prepared before the session, and no distractions while taking the session. He maintains a logbook for me in an Excel sheet which I can later use to analyze and track my performance. As someone who deals with lower back pain, he makes sure that my posture is correct. The workouts are fun and customized for me and I look forward to doing the sessions with him.