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Gaurav Dhingra


About Me

Hi, I am Gaurav Dhingra, an Engineering Graduate and INFS certified Nutrition and Fitness Expert. I specialise in muscle gain, fat loss and well-being. I used to be a foodie with an unquenchable hunger which made me a fat and lazy person. I was never into fitness or exercise until one day parents taunted me for being fat and unhealthy. Then I came around quantified nutrition and began from basic workout routine which showed great results. During my self-transformation I realized that majority of our health issues are because of our lifestyle and eating habits. So after going through a journey of self transformation I have realized that I want to help others to better their lifestyle and eating habits. I believe fitness is not a short term goal but a long term goal, and in order to achieve it I plan diets and workouts according to the client's need and goal so that he or she can sustain it for long term. Patience and Consistency are the two main points to achieve anything in your life and if you are under proper guidance then you can achieve your goals. So, now you have decided to deal with your lifestyle issues and for that I assure you that I am with you throughout the process to make a sustainable diet plan, flexible workout plan, teach you about quantified nutrition and clear all your doubts and issues.... Show more








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