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Strength and Conditioning
Niveedita Patiil Tashiildar
14 Mar 2024

I enrolled myself with fittr for strength and conditioning. I am training with coach Ganesh for 3 months and i am glad and happy for being trained by Ganesh Sir. He is an amazing trainer, he has great and deep knowledge about his subject. He explains how each exercise impacts on different muscles groups, corrects postures, ensure correctness of form in each rep so that we are not prone to injuries, completely focused, always cheerful, happy and constantly motivating to bring out our best. My lower back pain has been eliminated and it feels great. I feel stronger than ever, I am absolutely delighted. I would highly recommend him.Thank you so much Ganesh Sir. Thanks to Fittr for reaching out to so many people and transforming their lives.

sneha sabu
25 Dec 2023

I’ve been working out with Coach Ganesh for 2 months. I just wanted an exercise plan to get toned. During my workout sessions, I had mentioned to Coach Ganesh about my back pain and recent sprain. He designed the workout with exercises to help me overcome those issues and I’m seeing tremendous improvement. He is also flexible with dates and timings. Thank you Coach Ganesh for the guidance and encouragements!

Milind Desai
14 Apr 2023

Its an amazing partnership with coach Ganesh ji. A polite yet persistent coach. His thorough knowledge about human anatomy is amazing. He explains muscles used  behind every workout we do. His frequent cheering, corrections, Dos and Donts encourage me for stretching beyond my limits. I can feel the difference. Very flexible to work around time differences (and day light savings issues) and still punctual at all times. It's been a great journey towards achieving healthy living with coach Ganesh ji. Thank you thank you and thank you from my heart.

24 Jan 2023

I have been training with coach Ganesh for almost 1 month now. He is an excellent and well experienced coach. He clearly understanding our concerns and helping me with my back pain recovery. I am so happy to choose him as a coach and one of the best decision in my life. I would highly recommend him. My flexibility increased greatly because of his training.