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Afzal Khan
29 May 2023

Pehli baat, let me tell you that Faizan bhai is not just a fitness & nutrition coach; he's a game-changer, a motivator, and a saccha dost with infectious positivity & enthusiasm for your journey to a healthier & happier you. I joined Faizan's program 4 months ago, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the incredible impact he has had on my life. Honestly, bande me genuine concern hai for your aspirations & welfare, and it reflected in every interaction. Starting se he made me feel like much more than just a customer; he perceived me as an individual with distinct requirements & obstacles. Having a coach who establishes a personal bond with you & offers tailored care & assistance is much needed nowadays. Patience toh bharpur hai & kabhi fail nahi karte motivate karne me. He understands that we all have different goals & limitations, and he tailors your fitness & nutrition plans to suit your specific needs & preferences. It's not just about shedding weight; it's about improving your overall well-being & making sustainable changes. Bas itna nahi, hamesha available rehte hai (working hours me ofcourse) & help karne ko ready hai. You never feel alone on your journey because he's right by your side, offering encouragement & motivation. Thanks to Faizan bhai's guidance, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my health, energy levels, and confidence. He also helped me understand the importance of emotional well-being, and I've experienced tremendous growth in my mindset throughout this journey. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found Faizan bhai as my coach, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a dedicated & talented professional. His kindness, patience, and empathy are unmatched, and his ability to challenge you to push a little further each time is truly effective. With him, it's not about fancy supplements or complicated routines; it's about the basics—good nutrition, proper form & gradual progress. And it works!

27 May 2023

🎉 Since I've been working with Faizan Sir for over three months, I've come to understand that weight loss (fat loss) isn't a tough task after all and it's not just about numbers, diets, eating less and skipping meals! 🌟 It's actually a beautiful journey that you can enjoy by savoring your meals, staying active, and reaching your step goals. 🥗🏋️‍♀️🚶‍♂️ Faizan Sir, you've been an inspiration! 🙌 Thank you for always investing your time and effort in motivating me whenever I feel down. Looking forward to continuing our work together and learning more about health and nutrition! 💪🌱

Iti Upadhyay
24 May 2023

Working with Faizan is a fantastic experience that's completely transformed my approach to health. Not only is he a knowledgeable coach, but he's also a compassionate & empathetic person. He truly understands the struggles & challenges we face on our fitness journeys. From the very beginning, it was clear to me that he was invested in my success. He provided me with individualized attention & support that exceeded my expectations. One of the things that stood out about him was his consistent availability & prompt communication. He's always there for our weekly calls, ensuring I never feel alone on my journey. His excellent communication skills made it easy for me to express my concerns & ask questions, and he always provided thoughtful & helpful responses. I never felt judged or embarrassed, no matter how silly my questions seemed. His ability to explain complex concepts in a relatable & understandable manner made every conversation valuable & empowering. I learned so much from him & understood the importance of lifestyle changes apart from exercise & diet. That's exactly how I've lost 5 Kg of fat, 3" from my waist, 2" from my quads, 2" from my chest, and 2" from my hips in 3 months. I've also developed lifelong habits & impressive strength. What impressed me most about Faizan was his patience & motivation. He never pushed me too hard but always encouraged me to do the right things. His approach is holistic, taking into account not just physical well-being but also emotional & mental health. Throughout my journey, he was always there and provided the guidance, support & motivation I needed to stay consistent & push through challenges. His dedication & genuine care for his mentees is truly commendable. I feel supported & encouraged every step of the way, which makes a huge difference in my progress. Overall, my experience has been excellent. He's a knowledgeable, patient, & motivating coach who goes above & beyond to help his mentees achieve their goals.

Nigel De Souza
20 May 2023

My experience working with Faizan has been nothing short of life-changing. When I began my fitness journey with him a few months ago, I never imagined the incredible impact he would have on my life. He isn't just a coach; he's a superhero in disguise! From the first call, he showed genuine care & dedication towards helping me achieve my fat loss goals. He understood that my journey was unique & that cookie-cutter plans wouldn't cut it. That's what sets him apart from the rest—he truly listens & tailors the program to suit your specific needs & preferences. His knowledge & expertise are mind-blowing. Faizan has an answer to every question & solution to every obstacle. He debunked myths, educated me about nutrition, and made me realize the importance of sustainable changes. Thanks to him, I now have a deeper understanding of my body & how to fuel it properly. But it's not just about the knowledge; it's about the support & motivation he provides. He's the master of encouragement, always pushing me to go the extra mile, both in & out of the gym. His positive energy is infectious, and I leave our calls feeling like I can conquer the world! One of the things I love most about Faizan is his availability & commitment. He's always there when I need him, whether it's for a quick chat or to clarify any doubts. I never feel alone on this journey, knowing that he has my back every step of the way. It's this unwavering support that keeps me motivated, even on the toughest days. With Faizan's guidance, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation—both physically & mentally. I've shed unwanted fat, gained strength, and improved my overall well-being. But beyond the numbers, Faizan has taught me the importance of self-belief, resilience, and a positive mindset. He's helped me become a better version of myself. If you're searching for a coach who genuinely cares about your goals, provides personalized attention, and will be there for you every step of the way, then pick Faizan 🙌