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01 Jan 2024

Starting weighr - 39 kgs Current weight - 43 kgs (+4 kgs) Vaibhav sir has been an amazing coach! I was struggling with weight gain and low BMI and nothing seemed to really work. With his help, I have been able to gain healthy 4 kgs, I feel healthy, I look healthy and mindset is also now more healthy. All thanks to his guidance that really helped me change my relationship with health and nutrition. Throughout the journey he kept me motivated, answered all queries and simplified nutrition. Thank you so much!

Sahil Sethi
30 Nov 2023

Starting Weight - 91 Kg Current Weight - 84 Kg (-7 kg) As I approach end of my transformation journey, I am thrilled to share the positive results I have achieved under Vaibhav's care. When I first sought his assistance, I was struggling with persistent weight issues and feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of conflicting nutrition information available. Vaibhav's ability to simplify complex nutritional concepts and tailor his recommendations to my specific needs was truly remarkable. Vaibhav helped me develop a sustainable eating plan that aligned with my lifestyle and preferences. I was particularly impressed with Vaibhav's emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods and the importance of mindful eating practices. With Vaibhav's guidance, I was able to make gradual but significant changes to my diet. I learned how to make healthier choices at home, navigate dining out, and manage cravings effectively. As the weeks turned into months, I started to notice remarkable improvements in my overall health and well-being. My energy levels soared, my sleep quality enhanced, and my cravings diminished. Most importantly, I began to lose weight consistently and sustainably, achieving a healthier body composition Vaibhav's expertise, compassion, and unwavering support have inspired me to prioritize my health and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.

Ajay Ram Shinde
07 Oct 2023

Ajay Shinde Starting weight : 124 Current weight : 112 I was close to 124 kg due to my bad eating habits, no movement and stress. I was desperately looking for some options with which I can reduce my weight but couldn’t find any program which suits my needs and lifestyle. One of friend then introduced me to FITTR and advised me to enrol to Vaibhav sir. After seating on fence for nearly one year I decided to enrol to Vaibhav sir. When I had my initial discussions I was amazed with fact that I don’t need to sacrifice any of my foods and just need to eat them in right quantities.Even the exercises assigned were very carefully designed according my weight and height. The unique quality of Vaibhav is that he explains very well rationals behind particular food habits and exercises assigned to you.He really understands how mind and body works together and then he guide us accordingly which is very rare to find as most of coaches are more focus on physical health only. During the program I was on vacations and was also traveling with hectic schedules but despite that could maintain good diet as well as was able to do exercises with tricks explained by Vaibhav sir. I could loose 12+ kgs plus lots of inches and very importantly I have build healthy habits for lifetime with Vaibhav sir’s help. In all, based on my experience and my other referrals I can say that he is the best coach for people who needs confidence ,motivation, right direction to lead healthy lifestyle. Thanks a ton Vaibhav sir and keep inspiring us as always.Thank you

Asutosh mohapatra
31 Jul 2023

vaibhav has Beena gem of a coach..He connects instantly and makes the fitness journey a worth one..I start d with 93 kg of weight and cam down to 87 by the end of 84 days..however it's not just the weight but I was able to do it with 1900 kcal..the food plan to damn easy to follow and very flexible..the positivity that he carries, kind of drives you smoothly through the journey ..thanks coach...I will be back with you soon