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27 May 2023

Vaibhav has been an incredible force in my fitness journey, transforming both my body and overall well-being. His guidance and mentorship have provided a deep understanding of nutrition, exercise, and a healthier lifestyle. I have lost around 10kgs in last 6 months and gained muscle mass in a sustainable way, thanks to his expertise and support. Vaibhav goes beyond being a fitness coach; he becomes a friend and a source of motivation when you start going off track. His consistent guidance and weekly check-ins kept me on track towards my goals. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and a sustainable lifestyle, providing personalized diet plans and workouts. I wholeheartedly recommend Vaibhav to anyone looking to become a healthier version of themselves. He is a knowledgeable and motivating coach who instills confidence and a deeper understanding of health. His impact extends beyond fitness, as he genuinely cares about your well-being. I am immensely grateful for Vaibhav's support and dedication. His guidance has made a profound impact on my life.

02 May 2023

It's been 2months only I have got in touch with Dr. Vaibhav Patni sir but the changes which I have seen in my self I feel like I am connected to him from so long šŸ˜‚. I have hernia and bloating because of which my weight got stuck at one point and I was actually had no clue what to do next. Because I was always on slimside and this bloating was giving me a tough time. And that's when Dr. Vaibhav sir came into my life and in just two months I feel like half of my bloating gone. I was stuck to 69kgs not going below it but now within two months it came to 67 to 68 , fluctuates because of my hernia problem as well. Not only this but I feel more energetic and having good sleep after following his given meal plan. Things which Dr. Vaibhav sir have got into me is :- 1. Consistency 2. Never give long breaks in meals 3. When you can open a chips packet and eat it you can definitely have a cucumber šŸ˜‚ 4. Give your best , result will surely be seen 5. When all can do it , you should definitely do it. He changed my perception which is changing my body and making my mind more consistent and confidence. Thank you so much Dr. Vaibhav sir for bringing so much change in my life. Though still I need to put a lot of hard work but because I have your support as a coach I think I will achieve it fast. God bless you šŸ˜‡

Shraddha Kurulkar
20 Apr 2023

Hi, I joined Fitter 12 weeks back, Vaibhav Sir guided me very well for the my diet. Because of Sir I understood the pattern of food we should eat, in appropriate proportion of protein, Carbs and Fat. How to maintain healthy lifestyle. Surely I have reduced in inches and I am planning to join again after my holidays as I need to reduce more weight and become more healthy. Thanks a lot Vaibhav Sir šŸ™šŸ˜Š

vidyasankar sundar
26 Dec 2022

Vaibhav: merry Xmas and happy new year. Thanks for everything you have done so far and I will come back again within the next quarter. Not sure where to post this but you made me realize that food can be had without restricting anything and this is probably the most sustainable way to eating healthy. Exercise, is a lifestyle and I never thought Iā€™d get into it despite my limitations. I look forward to working with you again. Thanks a lot once again.