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18 Feb 2024

Initial weight: 79 kg Current weight: 71 kg I started my fitness journey on Fittr 3 months ago with the aim to reduce weight. Extremely grateful to Coach Tanushree Dwivedi who provided personalised diet plans including nutritious food and workout regimes and guided and motivated me consistently throughout the journey. She was always available for any queries or challenges I faced on the way. After the weight reduction, I feel stronger and lighter than before. Thanks to my coach and the larger Fittr community for this journey.

17 Feb 2024

I first worked with Tanushree when she coached my daughter 2 years back. At the time I got to know how well she guides her mentees as my daughter learned all the basics of nutrition as well as the importance of quantified nutrition. A lesson she learned for life! When I decided to restart my fitness journey there was no one else I wanted to do it with than Tanushree. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands her mentees. She is always a phone call or message away, answers all my questions and motivates me to do my best. Each time I talk to her I want to give my best to achieve the best version of myself. I not only enrolled with her for 12 weeks but decided to continue my journey with her another 6 months because I know that if she is alongside me, there is nothing I cannot achieve. Thank you, Tanushree. You are the best !

Ankita Chandra
01 Feb 2024

I want to thank Tanusree mam for raising my limits and challenging me.I took the three-month training and it greatly helped me in many ways. Her approach to training was very effective, and her expertise in the subject matter was evident. She could explain complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Being a vegetarian she designed a diet catering to my needs, only it was measured and quantified by her. Despite my busy schedule, she was patient with me and constantly motivated me. Small details like water intake, focus on better sleep, and travel hacks to carry protein even helped me not gain weight despite being on long vacations. Though it was online and phone calls, WhatsApp, and Fittr app I found the training to be very beneficial, and I feel more confident in my ability to apply the knowledge that you have shared. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I feel more energy, have better mental health, feel more confident about myself, make friends at the gym, and feel I can be good enough. I noticed a positive change in my appearance. I am happy and now more confident with myself. The workouts are great and I never get bored of it, rather look forward to the training part of the day. I see continual improvement in my sessions, and I continue to get guidance from her. In three months I came from 64.5 kg to 59.8 and came down to size S

26 Jan 2024

I was trained under Tanushree for more than 24 weeks. She has been extremely patient and accommodating. I had some injuries when started and she gave me home workouts. After that as it improved she gave me workouts for the gym as I felt it’s necessary to build strength to avoid injuries and general well-being. I wanted to lose some weight and feel better. My ideal weight is still quite far but she showed the way. I reached plateau and she helped me to get out of that which is amazing! Now I know how to manage daily food intake by simple changes. I was not always very good food wise like vacations, festivals but still managed the same weight or came down from the marginal increase. I have insulin resistance which makes it difficult to lose weight easily and also pre diabetic. But she still helped me to improve my overall health and managed to lose almost 10% of body weight in these months. And I lost quite a few inches overall which is very much evident from clothes and how I feel. I think that’s a good change as I couldn’t do much exercise due to my injuries. I’m sure she will help many more like me to realise their healthy lifestyle goal. Thank you Tanushree!