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Divya Tiwari
14 May 2023

When I was in much need and was not knowing what exactly is happening with my knees, universe sent Smita across my way. I have completed my 12 weeks program and have renewed the program again for an year in order to solve my knee issues. I have multiple issues like partial ACL tear, meniscus injury and MPFL issue in both my knees. From the time I have enrolled with Smita I’m seeing some improvement on my knee, the inflammation has come down and the range of motion has got better. She is well versed physio and a nutritionist too which is like the cherry on the cake. 1 year from now, I will be free of my knee issues just listening to Smita’s plan and by following it to the core.

Mangal Modak
14 May 2023

First of all thank you very much Dr Smita madam. I joined her to lose my weight. I was not losing weight despite many efforts, I was able to lose my weight with Dr Smita madam's way of understanding my speech and guiding me in sentences that I could understand. In the mean time I am quite comfortable with my knee due to the guidance she has given me to help me recover from my knee injury. Wishing her all the best in future endeavors with hope that continue to receive such guidance from her. Thank you!

Sanaa Sangeeta
28 Apr 2023

hellow every one, i am glad that I choose Dr Smita as my coach, she is a very knowledgeable coach who is specially trained in rehabilitation..i had a ACL with meniscus tear, under her guidance my range of mobility has increased tremendously and i have regained the strength in my knees now..the best part about her is she keeps motivating you always even though when u r unable to follow the exercises due to personal/ official commitments, which i feel every normal person will have unless and untill u r totally into bodybuilding as a profession. she never fails to have weekly follow ups. she is a very approachable and logical person, she tries to explain you the logic/reason behind the instructions she is giving you..i hope to continue under her as i wanna see myself running and i know that she is the right person who can make me run..guys if u had any injury and looking for a coach plus physiotherapist she is the one..just enroll under her and you will be amazed to see the transformation 😀

Ritesh Ranjan
17 Apr 2023

I am very thankful to Smita for her guidance. She is very encouraging and helpful.