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Ruchi Bhansali
28 Sep 2023

Thanks Shwetha for being great mentor. She will listen to your preferences and give diet plan which meets your needs and you don't have to put any additional effort to follow it. Bring vegetarian getting enough protein is very challenging , but she has mentioned about various protein options and soyabean recipes to fulfill protein consumption.Although i couldn't follow diet 💯 then too I saw good improvement in weight reduction and overall energy level. She is very regular to check your progress, suggest correction to bring you back on track and motivate you. I will surely follow diet plan suggested by you. Thanks again

19 Sep 2023

Shweta’s simplicity, no nonsense attitude towards laying the facts straight make her one of the best coaches out here. During my stint with shweta, I loved that she dedicated so much effort into explaining the need and sharing tools and tips for quantified nutrition. Her own personal stories and challenges she faced made these conversations real and inspiring.while I am still struggling with losing weight, I felt so inspired and truly energized through connects with her and valued her immense knowledge . Thanks shweta for your honest interest and dedication in helping me out

Acca Machado
16 Sep 2023

Thank you somuch Shwetha for breaking all the myths about healthy eating. I learnt a lot under her guidance and really enjoyed all the diet plans she curated for me. I lost 10 kgs in 2.5 months while I was breast feeding . I never lacked milk supply and felt more energetic than ever during that time. Apart from weight loss, increase energy,stamina and blood levels getting normal, I felt my immunity has really improved. Generally I'm the first person to get sick in my house but now I don't get sick even if everyone around me are sick . She's very passionate about helping people and she takes real good care while creating a diet plan for you . Towards the end , because of my busy schedule, timings didn't work for me otherwise I would've loved to continue my fittr journey with her. If you are looking to start your fitness journey, choose her. she's amazing! keep up the good work you are doing Shwetha. God bless you!

Pallavi Jaggi
15 Sep 2023

So so so glad to put my feelings in words for none other than my awesome coach Shweta!! Big thanks to Shweta for not only mentoring me but also for motivating and “scolding” me throughout 😀. She never fails to take updates, always available for any doubt, flexible in changing the diet plan as per the needs/situation. She has always understood my situation of a full time working mom of a very active toddler and living abroad without any help and has given me great tips to continue my fittr journey. I know I had failed multiple times and kind of deviated from my path because of the hectic schedules but Shweta has always been so understanding and has always helped me in getting back to the track. I have learnt to drink water after every one hour because of Shweta’s tip to put a reminder on my phone, keep a check on my steps count, eat mindfully when I’m on vacations and a lot more that contributes to one’s health. I have lost almost 9 kgs of post pregnancy weight, many inches and feel much more energetic now. My weight loss journey is yet to be completed and looking forward to join back Shweta soon. I highly recommend her. I know I have not been the best mentee but Shweta has been the bestest mentor anyone could have. THANKYOU ❤️