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Riddhi Patolia
23 Jun 2024

Thank you dr Rati for your constant guidance and motivation in my weight loss journey.u r an amazing coach.learned a lot about healthy diet and fitness. within 12 weeks i lost almost 8kg weight and aim for more.She was just one phone call or a text away whenever I needed her thank you so much.

Riddhi Patel
15 Jun 2024

Rati has helped us getting towards healthy lifestyle. we formed routine which has balanced diet along with excercise. I and my husband both started together and we gained so much knowledge about keeping ourselves healthy. Rati demonstrated a high level of professionalism, suggested excercises has helped us getting back to shape and improve strength. I found her very committed and expects the same from her clients. we enjoyed our journey under her guidance. we would like to thank for your time and support.

Swati Bachchan
14 Jun 2024

I have been coached by Rati for nearly a year. That itself is a testimony to how good a coach she is. My journey of loosing my postpartum weight has been slow given the busy time around baby and office work. To be honest I wanted it that way. Slow but steady. It wired me for a healthy lifestyle habits for a longer run.Rati has been very patient and persistent with me. She encouraged me do whatever little I can do everyday and be consistent.Not to be after 100% or nothing approach. Through her I have learnt many simple ways of navigating many challenges like eating soya on daily basis, achieving target of step count, easy and quick protein meals and many more. Highly satisfied to have been coached by her.

Padmesh Rai
04 Jun 2024

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dr.Rati Kedia , and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Here are some key points about my experience: Professionalism: From our first consultation, Dr.Rati Kediademonstrated a high level of professionalism. They were punctual, well-prepared, and always respectful. They took the time to understand my personal health goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle, which made me feel valued and understood. Expertise: Dr.Rati Kedia has an impressive depth of knowledge in nutrition and dietetics. They provided clear, evidence-based advice and were able to explain complex nutritional concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Their expertise was evident in the personalized meal plans and lifestyle recommendations they created for me. Personalized Approach: One of the standout aspects of working with Dr.Rati Kedia was their personalized approach. They didn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution but rather tailored their recommendations to fit my specific needs, lifestyle, and health conditions. This personalized attention made a significant difference in my journey towards better health. Mindful Eating: Dr.Rati Kedia introduced me to the concept of mindful eating, which has been a game-changer. They taught me techniques to pay attention to hunger and fullness cues, savor each bite, and develop a healthier relationship with food. This approach has helped me enjoy my meals more and make more conscious food choices. Lifestyle Changes: In addition to dietary advice, Dr.Rati Kedia provided valuable guidance on incorporating healthy lifestyle changes. They suggested practical ways to increase my physical activity, manage stress, and improve sleep quality. These holistic recommendations have greatly contributed to my overall well-being.