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Uma Lakshmi
23 Apr 2023

Hi all First let me introduce my issue to you all. I am 52 year old female having auto immune problem called Fibromyalgia which was diagnosed at the age of 32 years. But being at young age and not being obese at that time I was managing my pains with different types of pain management methods. But as the time moved on , because of immobility caused by severe pains and also because of early menopause, I increased a lot of weight in ten years. But still I was managing. Then came COVID. I was severely affected by covid, may be because of which my joints got severely damaged. I was not able to move and my weight increased by 15lgs in 6 months.I could not walk properly for 10mins also. I was under nutrition coach already but not able to exercise as every second day I used to fall sick because of pains. I thought a lot and joined under Dr. Ruchitha for rehab package. This is third term I am continuing under her. Now I want to list the progress I observed under her training 1. During 1 term I was only be able to walk freely in the house but still used to have lot of pains. Used to complain her daily about my pains. 2. In my second term there was lot of improvement and started walking 10mins a day. At the end of my term I could manage a holiday of three days where I had to walk a lot and climb three floors. This was a big achievement for me. Thanks to Dr. Rachitha Gururaj 3. In third term, i am far better and trying to my activities normally. I am able to walk fast and go around to do my work outside which was a nightmare for me few months back. This is my progress regarding my exercises. I have a deformity in one of my leg which can be corrected with exercises. The deformity was nearly 45 degrees when I started this program and now this has decreased to I think 30degress now. Dr Rachitha is very knowledgeable and very passionate. She listens to all problems. She understands and gives time to our body to adjust to each and every small exercise. She is very careful

Sarthak Navalakha
03 Feb 2023

Very nicely progressed plan customized according to backpain I had. Took time to understand everything and identify the problem to come up with exercises accordingly. Thanks Rachita!

28 Nov 2022

Rachita helped me through recovery from my lower back injury. She is very punctual, knowledgeable and kept constant tab on my progress through 45 days. I would highly recommend Rachita if youโ€™re considering injury rehab. Thank you Rachita!

Anuraag Surany Raman
12 Nov 2022

I undertook injury rehab for arthritis of my knees under the able guidance of Dr. Rachita. She is a great coach, sincere, warm, empathetic, yet firm when guiding and knew when she could encourage me to do more reps and could easily understand when she had to slow the pace or reduce the exercises. I initially took a 2 week package which I renewed later on as I felt her training was very effective. The strengthening exercises that she made me do helped to ease stiffness and discomfort of my knees and surrounding leg muscles such that when I went on a, short holiday post 2 weeks of training, I was able to walk and even do a bit of trekking with relative ease! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr. Rachita is young, knowledgeable, and come across as someone who genuinely wants to help improve the health of her clients. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who wants effective injury rehab guidance. Keep up the good work Dr. Rachita! ๐Ÿ™‚