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03 Jun 2024

I was down with severe backache for almost a year...I have tried different doctors and treatment methods too..All these were effective pain relief measures I approached Dr Rachita asking her guidance for injury rehab ... Rachita has understood my problem,identified my underlying cause for my recurring backache and taught me exercises according body pace... She's a person who values others time and money... She's a wonderful coach... Thanks Rachita for helping me out...

Junaid Shaikh
23 May 2024

I recently completed a series of sessions with Dr Rachita Gururaj and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From start to finish, Dr Rachita exhibited a level of professionalism, expertise, and genuine care that truly set her apart. Right from the first session, she took the time to thoroughly understand my concerns and develop a tailored treatment plan. Her deep knowledge of physiotherapy was evident, and she patiently explained each exercise and technique, ensuring I understood the purpose behind them. What stood out the most was her approachability and positive attitude. They created a welcoming and comfortable environment, making each session something I looked forward to. Her encouragement and support were constant, and she celebrated every small progress with me, which was incredibly motivating. The hands-on techniques combined with a personalized exercise regimen significantly improved my condition. I felt a noticeable difference in my pain levels and mobility after just a few sessions. Dr Rachita also provided valuable advice for maintaining my progress at home, which has been immensely helpful. Overall, my experience with Dr Rachita was outstanding. She is skilled and compassionate professional who goes above and beyond for their patients. I highly recommend Dr Rachita to anyone in need of physiotherapy services. Thank you, Dr Rachita for your exceptional care and dedication. You have made a significant difference in my recovery journey!

13 Oct 2023

I had a proximal humerus shaft surgery in India in July and had to return to UK. Getting physio appointments is quite challenging here and that's when I searched up for PT in fittr, Early mobilisation is the key to gain the successful range of motion after the surgery. Glad that I found Rachita as my PT. She is very timely, empathetic and knows what she is treating. She listens carefully to your needs and addresses the issue with atmost care. My recovery has progressed as expected with her help and now have more than 70% ROM in 3 months of time. Thank you Rachita for helping me out in the initial stages of my recovery!

Siddhartha Pitre
07 Aug 2023

I was suffering from frozen shoulder in my left arm and contacted rachita for the same. she diligently heard my concerns and worked with me on specific exercises with proper explanations.. the exercises were easy to follow and I could do it during my travel also.She was accommodating for my time and was also available to answer and clear my doubts. My pain reduced drastically and could go through almost my full range of movements. I found her knowledgeable and helpful. siddhartha