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Asha C
11 Sep 2023

Hello, My name is Asha and I stay in Scotland. This my second time in FITTR and the experience under Priyanka is fantastic. I love being under Priyanka’s guidance as she made me feel at my best in last 6 months. I was suffering terrible migraine and hence was not able to control by food portions and due to bad weather here my activities was very limited. Priyanka motivated me to get out of my migraines, loneliness, managing work and kids to go to gyms and for walking daily 8000- 10000 steps. Walking consistently daily these many steps is the greatest achievement I have ever made in my life. That is game changer altogether- my life’s overall quality has improved immensely. Hitting my 40s and managing two kids and work with no help from Outside is very overwhelming for me but I am happy that I was able to loose around 6 kgs and surprisingly able to maintain my weight when I deviate from plan. Priyanka with great patience put me back to the plan and I greatly appreciate her emotional intelligence and also her expertise as doctor to understand my situation and keep me going. Definitely I am looking forward for her mentorship as I evolve my goals which I thought were never achieve able. I always believe on magics that could change your life as you wanted and Priyanka is a great catalyst for this magic in your fitness journey!!!

02 Sep 2023

Hello, My name is Ira and I stay in USA. I was hesitant to join Fittr as I was not sure whether I could do the portion control , do workouts, follow diet plans etc. I decided to take the plunge in July,2021.I am so glad I found Dr. Priyanka who inspires me and keeps me motivated constantly. She has changed my relationship with Food and Exercise. I have stopped using food as my go to whenever I am feeling emotional. She has designed my workouts in such way that they do not feel burdensome.Instead of looking for excuses for not following the plans, I look forward to following them. This is because she understands by health and dietary restrictions. She makes her plans keeping in mind that I live in US and have certain limitations. She is constantly following up on my progress through phone calls or texts.She has changed my outlook towards healthy body , how to make sustainable changes rather than quick fixes. I have become more confident and hope to become a healthier version of myself. She has transformed me from a person who never wanted to get photographed to a person who wants to get photographed !! Hopefully, with her support, I will continue losing weight and become more healthy. Thank you Dr. Priyanka.It was one of the best decisions of my life when I enrolled under you.

Panchami Bhattacharya
29 Aug 2023

This lady is a magician...She is so dedicated and focussed...So lucky to have her as my coach...i have been under her for more than a year...with her help i have managed to lose around 9-10kgs...she gives you a diet plan as per your likes...have enrolled under so many programs before to lose weight..but I got frustrated and ended up giving up... because most of the diets were just salads and weren't sustainable...she is soo motivating and keeps a tab on her clients... extremely sincere and caring...I had a lot of ups and downs and have failed so many times...but Dr Priyanka motivated me and made sure I get back to track ...what I love about her is she caters to your needs...the exercises,the diet everything is soo easy to maintain... doesn't feel like you are punishing yourself for being overweight...I am really enjoying my journey with her...have a long way to go...and i won't give up unless she makes me fit like her...she is my role model... everytime I feel like giving up I look at her..I love the way she motivates me everytime I feel low or feel like I am not doing good enough...Best part about her is her follow ups...she makes sure you are eating right, doing your necessary workout and completing your daily steps...thank you Dr are a saviour...God bless you🙏🙏can't ask for a coach better than you

Komal Rastogi
28 Aug 2023

A Heartfelt Appreciation for FITTR Trainer Priyanka I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible guidance and support provided by my trainer, Priyanka. Her expertise and dedication have truly transformed my approach to fitness and overall well-being. Priyanka's emphasis on consistency has been a game-changer for me. Through her guidance, I've learned the importance of maintaining a steady workout routine and how even the simplest exercises, when done consistently, yield remarkable results. What stands out the most is Priyanka's ability to tailor my workout regimen with a focus on specific exercises. This personalized approach has helped me achieve my goals more effectively and efficiently. I've come to realize that it's not about reinventing the wheel every time, but rather mastering a few key exercises that truly make a difference. Her insights into proper nutrition have been invaluable as well. Priyanka's guidance has educated me on making informed food choices, understanding what's beneficial and detrimental to my health. This has empowered me to take control of my diet and make choices that align with my fitness journey. Additionally, Priyanka's guidance on adopting a healthier lifestyle extends beyond just exercise and diet. She's shown me how to establish a consistent wake-up routine and integrate healthy habits into my daily life. This holistic approach has not only improved my physical well-being but has also positively impacted my mental and emotional state. I am truly grateful for Priyanka's unwavering support, patience, and encouragement. Her knowledge, dedication, and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals are commendable. Thanks to her guidance, I feel more equipped to lead a healthier and more balanced life. Thank you once again to the entire FITTR team and, especially, to Priyanka for making this journey so rewarding.