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24 May 2023

Doc .. She is so energetic 1st of all . I had 2 men coaches b4 . Then after knowing my little basics in weight training ..i decided to learn it so proper . Im so choosy too .. so this time a Coach who can be so patient and understanding i wanted . Went for a big round and choosed a Dentist as me . Doc knows me so well now.. in a shorter time as she is my same profession . I was working for 3 hrs in gym😬. She shortened and made me understand my goals . Now im ready to work hard in right hands . She is always perfect and i always needed a coach like that to keep me on throtle . Im a Tennis player & a qualified 🎾 coach too . But, my current Dream is just weight training which i missed all in my 48 yrs 😇. Happy to give her a review . Hope its a long journey for me .. and i trust her more 👍🏻.

Dr Dimpy Bhattacharjee
04 May 2023

I have enrolled thrice before with fittr coaches and this has been my best choice so far. Dr Priya is the person you are looking for if you are ready to work hard. She is empathetic and listens to you and gives a plan that is just made for you. she was quick to understand my case and planned according to that. The best thing is that she is available and if you are interested in your transformation, she will be thrilled to help you. she focuses a lot on exercise form and helped fixed my squat. Thank you so much coach for being a part of my journey. wish I had found you earlier. Grateful to you. Today's update. landed in TC 18 top 250. Never imagined this was possible. But when you have a great mentor great things do happen. Lots of love and respect Dr. Dimpy Bhattacharjee

21 Apr 2023

Today, It's been exactly 2 months since Priya, my coach and I are working together to build my strength, stamina and weight loss. In these two months, i have seen a remarkable change in me. I am able to do workouts without getting tired, able to eat food as per the plan without being full or hungry, inches and weight gradually going down. All these happened under Priya's guidance, motivation and tips. She has made me comfortable from day 1 and thus it has been easy for me to speak out my mind with her. She has been proactive in modifying plans to align to my fitness goals. I still have to learn a lot from her and I will need her guidance and motivation for more time and hence have continued my fitness journey with her for another 6 months. Thanks Priya for being my fitness and life coach. You have changed my life too. 😍

11 Apr 2023

I have been with Fittr since 2021 on / off few times . Priya is my second coach and I can’t thank her enough for always being there & walk me through the fitness journey. There were times I’m totally demotivated and gave up. But , she constantly pushes the mentees , shows great enthusiasm and also provides consultation on how to improve the form through 1:1 coaching sessions few times. She encourages to always send videos and talk it out when faced with any issue in the fitness journey .. I m continuously learning from her and I have long way to go … but with Priya by my side we will achieve this together . Thanks to a Gem of a person Priya who keeps inspiring us and always with that positive smile and attitude …As she says growth does not happen in comfort zone- so Push Yourself !