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27 Sep 2023

I was under Dr. Poonam's coaching for 12 weeks. During these 12 weeks, I gained a lot of knowledge on nutrients, counting calories, measuring food, workout types, etc. Dr. Poonam is a great coach. She listens to all concerns and questions very attentively and tries to address them in the least disruptive manner. She is very responsive and available for any queries. Overall, it was a great experience. I had to take a break after 12 weeks but will join back soon.

Swarang Tanksali
18 Sep 2023

The Background: About 8 months into our marriage, our lifestyle, unawareness and socializing made me put on 8 KGs in just 8 months. 92 Kgs was plain ugly, period. Had started hating myself, couldn’t see myself in the mirror and it had started to take a mental toll on me. Knowing this was unsustainable, something had to be done. My wife came up with the idea of hitting the gym and we did so. Big kudos to my wife Akanksha for her “lagate hai na, dekhte hai kya hoga, what’s the worst that can happen” statement. And THAT, is where it all began! From Feb 23 to May 23, we were all by ourselves, progressing with limited knowledge (regular workouts, calorie counting, net calorie burn etc). Over that period, I ended up losing 6 Kgs from 92 down to 86. Introduction to Fittr: I had heard about Fittr from a very close reliable friend and the concept of Quantified Nutrition (QN) was not known to us. Did some research and seemed quite interesting especially since Fittr plans came with Nutrition + Workout. We decided to stick to our friend’s coach, Dr. Poonam Vichare. A quick introductory discussion call and after reviewing her Fittr profiles, ratings and comments, we decided to go ahead with her. And so it began!. We were assigned our diet and workout plans which were quite aligned to our regular routine of roti sabzi / dal rice in quantified macros and in addition, we had to eliminate no junk , 5-6 days workout each week AND 10K Daily steps. The entire process of quantification was quite overwhelming, it needed lot of time and planning and for our queries, Poonam was very warm, open, approachable for the smallest query and she did so very patiently. Over time, we got used to the process and started meal planning + automation. Interestingly, macros had lots of "replacement options". That meant, home normal food + the quantified fancy foods (pizza, pasta, sandwiches, rolls etc). The meals were very satiating cos of the higher protein content and that automatically reduced the need to eat junk. Having said that, recommended diet / lifestyle is easily sustainable in the long run. Also to clarify, “diet” word is very misused to be “restrictive” in quantity itself, however, in no way was the food quantity assigned less, in fact, we were struggling to eat so much food. We were required to post our workout videos, step counts (8-10K each day) and the occasional fancy food pic regularly on the common Whatsapp group. Poonam was very diligent about correcting our postures each and every time and helped us (and everyone else) patiently through multiple days of iteration until all of us got the right forms. There were some fun competitions in the group to keep us all engaged (step challenge, jumping jacks in 1 min etc) Most importantly, we’d have 15 mins catch up calls every week to see if the diet / workout is actually working for us and if we had any issues / challenges throughout the week. On Travel schedule, she also guided us how to plan the days in advance and. Even on planned get together with friends / families, we’d be guided to plan the day accordingly etc and to ensure we hit macros and don’t over eat or even to go attend events after having had dinner or so. Over-all, Fittr was and still is a great experience and with Poonam, it was even a better experience. I ended up losing 8 kgs over a span of 12 weeks (86 kgs down to 78 kgs). Without a major thought, we even renewed our plan because I / we were still away from our long term goals. We thought we got immense value for the money we spent especially when compared to market options. However, this plan is for those who have decided to make a change Coaches are supposed to hand hold, be there for you and provide a framework / structure but the effort must come from the person alone. There are no shortcuts. The days you HATE hit the gym are the ones that count the most. Initially you have to trust the process while invisible magical forces that work their charm, compounding and momentum. Time flies by quickly and you start enjoying it. There are no excuses, you need to have a strong mind. No great things were achieved without sacrifice so be very well ready for it, but remember that it’s worth it. So take charge of your health, keep your head down and walk the path of sustainable healthy “quantified” lifestyle. Nothing is difficult if your mind believes in it. It's worth it, don’t think, take the plunge. It’s the best decision you’d make.

Priyanka Yadav
04 Sep 2023

I registered with Poonam after weeks of research and with clarity on goals. Poonam is a good listener and planner . She adapted diet and workout as per my routine/targets. She is also a great mentor and motivator. She leads by example so you have the feeling of comradery. Also i feel it's upto us to really fulfill our objectives but having a coach who can show you the path is very important. I still have to reach my targets but i know the formula for that , thanks to Poonam.

madhavi bhide
28 Aug 2023

I'm writing this on behalf of my mother. My mother has lot of health issues (heart issues , gut issues, fibromyalgia) etc. I could see fittr as the only hope to improve her medical conditions, she was hospitalized for heart issues and I was so much distressed when I came to poonam mam. she listened to all my queries so patiently. And I enrolled my mother with poonam mam. it's been 3 months already. Three of us are taking baby steps and taking one day at a time. Mother has lost 7+ kgs. she feels better and her energy levels have improved, . she has slowly started to exercise, she is completely sticking to her diet. Everyone including her cardiologist has complimented her for weight loss. with poonam mam's help, i am.confident that her medical conditions will be cured slowly but surely. Thank you so much Poonam mam :)