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Preeti Lohani
15 Jan 2024

This long pending review is for my dear coach who was with me for more than a year in my weight loss journey. In the beginning I was myself not sure that I’ll extend my program till this long with her . But her comforting approach, understanding nature, depth of knowledge and support made my journey wonderful with her. I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol levels in beignning of my program. Almost every two month I used to fall slick due to my weak immmunity. My hba1c was 7 and the weight was approx 96 kgs. Now my hba1c came down to 6.3 and normal cholesterol levels. I have reduced approx 15 kgs of weight throughout the journey. Learned a lot from her too how to manage diet and how I can enjoy food without compromising on taste. She also supported me in my course extension whenever I was in need. My journey was absolutely fantastic with her . Thank you soo much mam for being such a wonderful coach to meet😊

10 Jan 2024

She is an amazing coach.. i have been a bad mentee.. a lot of times.. not doing my bit coz of my situation. But she doesn’t give up on her mentees.. dats exactly what v want.. someone to pull us out of our unhealthy comfort zones, stresses n guilt trips.. n guide us to whats best for us. Even when she was herself going through some tough times due to health issues of a family member, she was available, encouraging and positive. She was also patient enough to lend an ear to all the troubles i was going through.. been a friend when i needed one. Lots of love n respect

deepika dey
02 Jan 2024

Dear Pallavi ma’am I want to express my gratitude for your support in my fitness journey, especially considering the challenges of PCOS. Your personalized approach and understanding of my condition have made a significant positive impact on my well-being. Thank you for your guidance and motivation throughout this process.

Saranya Tammana
27 Oct 2023

I am delighted to share my review of my coach, Dr. Pallavi Sharma. In my quest to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, I had tried numerous methods, but none seemed to work. That's when I came across FITTR, a platform with a multitude of coaches. It was a stroke of luck that led me to Dr. Pallavi Sharma. From the very first conversation, I was convinced she was the right coach for me. Her manner of speaking was not only pleasing but also incredibly informative. She took the time to understand my lifestyle and eating habits, and together, we crafted a plan that would seamlessly fit into my daily routine. Her advice was simple but powerful: consistency is key, and fitness is a journey that requires dedication. Thanks to Dr. Pallavi, I now have a clear understanding of what I should include in my diet and in what quantities. I used to believe that losing weight meant starving myself or staying hungry, but her approach was refreshingly different. I found myself eating more of the right foods and feeling full and satisfied. My daily routine now includes proper hydration, nutritious meals, adequate sleep, and regular exercise. The transformation in my stamina, weight, and energy levels has been remarkable. One of the most eye-opening lessons I've learned from Dr. Pallavi is the importance of protein intake. I used to fear that consuming more protein would lead to weight gain, but she eliminated this misconception. Dr. Pallavi has truly transformed my lifestyle and incorporated healthy habits that I can maintain in the long term. I am immensely grateful to have her as my coach. She checks in on my progress every Sunday, schedules calls to discuss what's working and what needs adjustments, and even provides mid-week support to keep me on track. Her patience and caring demeanor motivates me to give my best, and her prompt responses to my doubts have been a tremendous source of support.