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Gayatri Chappalli
01 Apr 2023

I have had a great experience with Dr. Neha Choudhary. She has been patient, kind, and super supportive throughout the process. She always made necessary accommodations and modifications with diet and exercise, understanding my concerns. Neha is very approachable, friendly, and loving. She cares about her client and encourages us to give our best. Thanks a lot, Neha, for helping me build healthy eating habits, helping improve my water intake, and creating interest in yoga and strength training. Thanks a lot!

15 Sep 2022

Binge eating was a way of life for me ….emotional eating made me gain 20 kgs in 6 months …then I decided to change my life .I enrolled under Dr Neha Choudhary, she understood my problem ,she was and is always there whenever I need her…she talks to me and we go through the healthier options to binge when it’s uncontrollable….gradually I got over my habit and with her help ,I lost 15 kg in 6 months …I thank her from all my heart and recommend her if you are looking for a friend and a coach .

29 Aug 2022

Starting with a gratitude note to Dr.Neha for her calm and composed guidance for a year of my weight loss journey of loosing 13 plus kgs so far . She is so calm and positive towards her approach that helped me a lot in staying positive towards the process. My diet was always simple and easy to follow . I was always happy that I chose the right person for me and I am really grateful for having her as my coach. I have learnt a lot from her as she always clarifies my doubt right away which will be helpful for me forever .Thank you again for making this possible !! 😊

Deepak Lahoti
29 Aug 2022

Dr Neha is an excellent coach who helped me solve all my queries related to fitness and nutrition. I lost 32 kgs in 7-8 months because of her and understood the importance of quantification of food and living a healthy lifestyle. She has not only explained the nutrition and fitness details but also helped me live the sustainable life in terms of food intake. Thanks Neha for all your help throughout the journey. I will definitely work on toning my muscles now and will make you proud.