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Sharmila Senthil
08 Aug 2023

Dr. Nanthini understood my problems and provided a perfect diet plan and workout regimen tailored to my health issues. I have successfully completed my 12-week training, and it has yielded positive results. I am planning to continue with Dr. Nanthini's next 12-week program. Her constant support and motivation have been instrumental throughout this journey. I am truly grateful for her assistance in helping me achieve this significant weight loss. Thank you very much, Nanthini.

22 Jul 2023

Dr NanthiniDevi is one of the finest/cool coach she is so friendly I took 12 week plan with her guidance I have lost inches were I was struggled for stubborn fat for years, now I got a clarity in measurements of food and how to take in a balanced way . During my training I did mistakes but I was honest wit her cheat days happened she helped me how to make simple changes in that period of time how to comeback to form . she never hesitated to answer all my queries. This is the beginning of my lifestyle and definitely this is only for us we are doing with our coach guidelines as simple as it is .. everyday will not work perfectly but the journey does :) overall the journey has helped me a lot I feel lighter and gained more strength . Honestly i would say that I put only 75% effort on this training even though I see the visible difference think about 100%.! Can’t wait to continue this learning through my life with consistency . Thank you Nanthini more power to you 🙏🏽 happy trainee

20 Jul 2023

Dr.Nanthini is an amazing coach, she motivated and encouraged me a lot. Also, understands the health concerns I have been going through and has been supportive throughout! Her plans are focused on long term weight loss and maintenance, you will lose weight if you follow her instructions strictly. She customised the diet and workout as per my requests and she is very accommodating and supportive. I will be continuing with her once I’m back.

padam garg
12 Jul 2023

Dr. Dhevi is wordeful fitness coach and I highly recommend her she applies practical approach towards weight loss keeping overall health also she has a lot of patience for mistakes and take corrective measures. I suggest she should be little more strict with her students.