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Neha Manish Singla
14 Jul 2024

Dr.Mandeep thankyou for being my mentor in my weightloss journey.. I was dealing with multiple things and she has always heard and understood things patiently.she has always planned my workout and diet that was easy to stick to. She has constantly motivated me to not give up and start back.Her words 'karte raho neha' has always kept me going.She constantly keeps a check on your health and would take updates .Happy to be associated with her in this journey. Enrolling with her was my best decision!! Thankyou Mandeep. If anyone wants to be motivated you in your weightloss journey I would recommend Mandeep :)

Rakhee Jalan
13 Jul 2024

Starting weight: 99kg current weight: 93kg Mandeep Mam has been my guiding light in the fitness journey. Being outside India I thought it would be impossible to start my fitness journey but Mandeep Mam' plans has proved me wrong. she very carefully customized my plans based on the environment which helped me follow and believe that I could achieve this. Her creative yet simple plans based on things available to me are simply mind-blowing. She also considered the medical conditions I have and helped me through it. Thank you mam for all your support and motivation. it would not have been possible without it. I will continue under your guidance till I reach my goal.

Mahesh Chandra Bose
12 Jul 2024

Since starting the fitness program with you, I have successfully lost 7 kilograms, bringing my weight down from 72 to 65 kilograms. Your customized plan, tailored to accommodate my vegetarian lifestyle on some days and non-vegetarian on others, has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. Your understanding of my dietary needs and ability to create a plan that aligns so well with my lifestyle has been truly exceptional. Moreover, your guidance regarding the management of my gout and thyroid issues has been invaluable. You've helped me understand the importance of medication in treating these conditions, which has significantly improved my overall health and quality of life. I am incredibly grateful for your expertise, support, and dedication throughout this journey. Your positive impact on my physical health cannot be overstated. Thank you once again for everything you have done for me.

Priti Tanwar
07 Jul 2024

Starting Weight - 68kg Current Weight - 62kg Weight loss - 5kg I want to express my appreciation for incredible guidance and support I have received from Dr. Mandeep Parmar. I am a mother of 2 year old and working full time IT professional.I was rarely able to make time for workouts or having quantified meals, because of that I had gained almost 10kg post pregnancy. Her personalised workout and nutrition plans have been incredibly effective, pushing me to achieve milestones I never thought possible. I can see visible changes in my appearance and people have started complementing as well. Thanks for your encouragement and expertise, I have noticed significant improvement in my strength and endurance. I look forward to reaching new fitness heights with your guidance. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for knowledgeable and motivating fitness trainer.