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Shraddha Dev
31 May 2023

I am grateful I got enrolled under Dr.K.K .Due to odd medical complications health was on the worst level.Not only his medicine help me come out of odd health issue but also helped me come back on track.I will alway thanks my ex coach,fittr team and my current coach Doctor Kedar Kulkarni who had made it possible for me to come back. Still a long way to go.I am happy I got strength in me & i am able to digest basic food & slowly rest things will also come on track. Thank you. God bless

Monika Huparikar
23 May 2023

It was superb! Unfortunately due to my health issue I cudnt get expected results but I loved the fact that I was being motivated throughout. You took everything at my pace. Educated me with few things and made me understand the basics which is very important. Checked up with me for my progress throughout. So I am very glad I made a right choice for the coach. Needed someone who understands my anxiety issues and go with my pace and not pressure me for the results. As I was battling with a lot. So thanks a lot with that. I am so grateful 🙏 I am looking forward to give my best and get some good results in the coming 3 months. I want to see myself doing great.

11 May 2023

Dr Kedar is an awesome coach. I have been with many coaches and they all were great but I couldn’t make much progress as I was hard on myself. Dr Kedar showed me the way not to start with unrealistic expectations and compare with others. I am working Mom with tons of responsibilities at work and home, staying outside india so min help for house management and then my age and overall health wasn’t in my favor. Starting on plan and then expecting to do 100% was my goal and I was failing every time after few days. Dr Kedar helped me to start with mini steps and go at my speed. Also, choosing goal to health improvement over loosing weight helped me a lot to see the bigger picture. I still fail many days but Dr Kedar picked me up every time during the weekly call to get going. I lost around 10kg and my bloodwork improved a lot. A1C moved from 7.4 to 6.2 and so I don’t have to increase my medicine dose. My doctor is now waiting to see next level of magic to take me off from medicine. I am thankful to Dr Kedar to guide me in this journey despite my many failures on consistency. I am looking forward to work more many months and years in his guidance to slowly bring my health back and be overall fit and strong person to navigate my life after my 50th, 60th and 70th birthday. I want to see myself more consistent following fitness journey as part of life. I am sure Dr Kedar’s “Main Hu Na, Koi Chinta Nahi” would surely help me on this long journey I have started. Anyone who is in doubt if Dr Kedar is a right coach, just request him for an introductory call and I am sure, you won’t regret that decision ever !!

Mukesh Kamble
08 May 2023

Dr. Kedar is guiding me from last 9 months. During this time he helper me to reach my goal of reducing wt from 100 kg to 75 kg. He always motivated and guided me to follow the proper diet and excercise. He always encouraged me to reach to my goal. I am very thankful for him for his guidance. And we are still working to achieve my next goal. Mukesh Kamble