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03 Oct 2023

My Fittr journey so far has been very doable and manageable because of my coach Dr.Kashmi. Interaction with her is not only motivational she brings you back on track if you wander away from your diet and routine. Thanks Dr.Kashmi

Akshit Gupta
01 Oct 2023

Joining FITTR has been the best decision I've made this year. I've been going to the gym for the past 7-8 years, but I never really focused on nutrition. I used to believe that if I trained hard enough, I'd build a great physique. However, when COVID started, I experienced stomach issues that led to a 20kg weight gain. In February, I came across JC's reels and joined the FITTR Facebook group, where I started exploring the community. That's when I found Dr. Kashmi. Being a doctor, I decided to enroll with her, and my experience working with Kashmi has been truly exceptional. Dr. Kashmi not only brings her medical expertise to the table but also a deep understanding of nutrition and fitness. She has provided me with personalised diet plan which is easy to follow. Her guidance has not only helped me shed the weight I gained but has also improved my overall well-being. I feel grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and caring coach in Dr. Kashmi. She's not just helping me reach my fitness goals, she's also helping me transform my approach to health and nutrition. I look forward to continuing this journey with her by my side.

Monica Chowdhry
29 Sep 2023

Very dedicated coach, is available to answer any questions and is open to formulating plans per lifestyle and requests. Would highly recommend her !

Sirajum Munira
26 Sep 2023

I started fitness training with Dr. Kashmi in January 2023. In this fitness journey I genuinely started loving the whole fitness process and it was no longer just a trial thing for me. I started falling in love with doing workouts at home, following the diet, making sure I get enough sleep, pushing myself to drink 3-4L of water and walk 10k steps per day. I realized that the reason behind this was that I needed a mentor who listens to me and tries to understand my emotional needs in this journey. As the fitness journey is all about psychological transformation as much as it is physical, Dr. Kashmi has done a great job helping me understand what, why and how to bring that psychological change in me and to have best relationship with my mind, body and circumstance which affects my lifestyle. Every time I have call with Dr. Kashmi, I feel heard by her. I feel connected and I can relate with her in different levels. I feel it's possible to have a fit life even after I couldn't go with the pace for somedays when I am emotionally and physically unwell as long as I am consistent because that's that matters. Dr. Kashmi has this charismatic motivational power which really can make a person feel and believe that this fitness journey is a lifelong commitment and it's a lifestyle and it's not just for the time being. For that she will give you time, she will try to understand your context and give you guidance according to your context and that's one of the most important things when someone is taking fitness coaching online. So, I really feel lucky and I'm so glad that I found a coach like Dr. Kashmi for my fitness journey and I would recommend anyone who would like a coach who'd listen to them and put effort to understand their context and guide them according to that she is the best fit. In my almost 9 months fitness journey with her, I have recently reached my weight loss goal and have started working on achieving my new fitness goal. 😊✌🏾 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!