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Certified Nutrition and Expert Consultant, INFS

Fellowship Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation, LASHS

Fellowship Diploma in Geriatric Rehabilitation, LASHS

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Arni Guha
03 Aug 2023

I made the decision to enroll under Dr. Ismat Khoja after struggling with my workouts for a year due to the restrictions imposed on me by an ACL injury, sciatica and shoulder stiffness. Ismat embodied every quality I was searching for in a trainer- a gentle, understanding buddy who understands your lifestyle, offers medical advice, allows modifications to dietary choices, inspires you to exercise on the days you are feeling down and is strict enough to keep you on track. Her exercise and rehab plans have been a life-saver. Her simple-to-follow technique has helped me perform better at the gym and live a pain-free life. I can't thank her enough for everything she does to make each and every one of her clients feel at ease on their fitness journey.

Khaleel Hussain
30 Jun 2023

I have been experiencing severe back and knee pain due to a L4-L5 disc bulge and chondromalacia, which is caused by a deficiency of vitamins and more. Through the Fittr community, I discovered Dr. Ismat and made the decision to enroll with her. We began working on my condition through a combination of rehabilitation and strength training, and I have witnessed significant improvements. Not only that, but she's helped me shed fat and gain some solid muscle too. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and guidance.

Sathe Vaibhav
22 Jun 2023

I embarked on my weight gain journey with the assistance of Dr. Ismat. I've had long-standing neck-pain and back-pain issues, which arose occasionally. Dr. Ismat provided me with all the necessary exercises and stretches to manage these issues. She is both knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have helped me make significant improvements to my health. She carefully crafted a personalized nutrition plan that meets my needs, keeping it simple. Furthermore, she always insured I am not missing on or craving for anything. I highly recommend Dr. Ismat to anyone who has a sedentary lifestyle like mine and is dealing with neck/back pain issues that may be hindering their workouts and looking for help in improving their overall health and fitness.

Ranjini Gupta
22 Jun 2023

My feedback will be excellent, when i recover from all my pain related issues