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Dr. Aniket Jadhav


About Me

I'm Dr.Aniket Jadhav, Doctor by profession, M.D (Ayurveda) Practicing Ayurveda since 2009, and working since 2016 in the field of Health and Fitness, I've helped more than 1000+ people, to transform them and 400+ people with Type 2 Diabetes management, many of the diabetic patients have even stopped their medicines. Many of my previous clients with severe medical issues, achieved their fitness goals keeping their health as the utmost important thing. Do check my testimonials and transformations, they will give you an idea of my knowledge and my previous transformations. I am also Author for 2 Books Exercise Science Specialist and Sports Nutrition written for INFS. What Will I Do as your Coach? An in-depth analysis of your health, medical history, and lifestyle. Discussion on your goals and timelines for the same. Create a sustainable diet and workout routine that will work with your lifestyle. Weekly Check-ins to track your progress Unlimited email and text for assistance. My goal as a coach is not only to transform you but help you make changes in the lifestyle so that you do it forever. Enroll with me as a coach and I will help you achieve your goals which can be sustained for lifelong.... Show more


Contest Prep
Sports Nutrition
General well being
Strength and conditioning



1. Sports Nutrition (Nesta) 2. Shredded by Science (now PT Collective)

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