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Pradnya S
12 Sep 2023

I love working with Dolan. I have seen remarkable improvement in my stamina. I used to be tired and lethargic before. now I feel I can do many more things in the same 24 hours.

Tejal Shah
07 Sep 2023

This feedback is for Dolan. What should you expect in a coach before enrolling with him/ her? How fit she/he is? How good knowledge they have acquired? How dedicated are they in your transformation? How personally are you attended when you know your coach coaches 50 more people along with you? Well, I had these things in mind too before I enrolled with Dolan. And trust me, I don’t think I have any of those concerns anymore. She’s just the right coach I always wanted to have. I’m blessed to have found her. I enrolled for a 12 week programme. I’m a doctor by profession and had a good knowledge about protein rich diet, metabolism, quantified diet etc.. When I enrolled with Dolan I decided to empty my cup completely and welcome all her suggestion with my two arms wide open. Take every suggestions and her opinion very seriously and do exactly how she has asked me to do. This not only educated me further by adding to my existing knowledge but yielded visible results in just 4 weeks. I started seeing improvement. The scale budged this time. From as high as 78.5 to as low as 74.3 on completion of 4 weeks. Well for me this jump of 4.2kg is keeping me on track and helping me stay focused on the journey that I started with Dolan. I wish she was around. I would had given her a tight hug and told her how happy I am to see myself transforming slowly and steadily but in a correct manner. She taught me sleep well, hydrate well, Measure and eat and workout as it is being scheduled in your training tool. I follow her every word and suggestion and can’t wait to hear from her on my weekly progress track. It takes a lot of efforts to shoot motivating and educating videos and posting them regularly to your clients. Sending those every workout or diet challenge’s solution in daily life through video tutorial which we are facing as beginners this helps keeps us on track and motivated. She’s takes her every clients transformation as seriously as her own. Thank u so much Dolan.

Zakia Zabin Liza
29 Aug 2023

1. I have learned many new things from Dolan. Dolan embedded the idea of quantified nutrition in me such that even if when I was not on any training program, I continued to measure foods. It became a habit. 2. I didn't gain a lot of weight on vacation as before. Managed Dolan's suggested food/tricks and very few meals outside. 3. Dolan's continues updates makes a mind makeover. She understands the social struggles of eating healthy and provides guidance on how to view this. 4. Dolan always made sure a call happens every week and always religious about checking on us. 5. Dolan provides guidance on flavorful food swap keeping the macro. And many many more... I can't thank Dolan enough for the positive impact she have on clients lives. Thanks for choosing this as a profession and choosing to mentor us.

26 Aug 2023

I started my plan with Dolan in April, i signed up for a 12 week package however i could not keep up due to personal issues and renewed once again for 12 weeks. I am currently mid way in the 2nd program. I find Dolan to be very inspiring firstly she is so committed to her own workouts and shares all tips and ideas regarding food. She sends her own workout logs nearly every without fail but still accepts excuses when i give her. It has taken me time but i am now getting on track with the nutrition plan and consistency in workout and i am able to see results as well. Dolan keeps a check on me on a weekly basis altering the plan and discussing the workouts, challenges and life in general as well.. she has become my friend i must say ! I am really happy to have chosen her as my coach and the right decision to continue my plan with her rather than giving up when things didnt go well for me the first time round.. its slow and steady but i look forward now to every Saturday when i have my update with Dolan ! Thank you Dolan its really nice to be under you and learn from You