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Shilpi Goel
20 May 2023

I had enrolled with a coach in Fittr 2 times before I enrolled with Dolan, and as they say, third time is the charm! For the first time in my life, I actually became mindful of what I'm eating and how much. Dolan made the journey easy by sharing delicious recipes. She never forced me to workout, but let me ease into it. I love all the content that Dolan shares. My best achievement was getting very little pain in my day 1 of periods, which has generally been a super painful day all my life, thanks to the new lifestyle and Dolan! I highly recommend her and feel so glad that I joined her, thank you Dolan!

Dr Sneha Sharma
18 Apr 2023

Its been just one week since i have enrolled under dolan… its so great.. her workouts are very great.. and the best part it she keeps on sending you her own recipes and her own workouts throughout the day so we dont feel to deviate in diet or skip the workout.. it feels like we r doing it together… lost 1.8 kg in one week with almost 2 cms lost everywhere…just loving it…

Priya Maddipatla
16 Apr 2023

I joined Fittr sometime in 2018 I believe, and I saw the transformation post of Dolan Acharya, which was incredible. I followed her on social media and was amazed to see how talented she was. Since then, she is the real-life role model to me, not just the fitness, but importantly the discipline, to have a goal in life, her dancing and above all how to enjoy every moment in whatever work you do. In Nov’22, I enrolled with Dolan and after the first call itself, I was over the moon talking to her, it’s like I met a celebrity. I just love the way Dolan coaches, motivates, following up to every detail and she also shares ‘every detail of her day related to fitness, food consumption, recipes and workout sheet, motivational comments etc..’, which boosts up my daily regime. All these really helped me to plan my day/week smoothly and to make better choices in building a healthy lifestyle. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids under 6 and it’s not easy to follow the diet/workout unless you plan and prep for the week ahead, Dolan gives me so many tips to make it happen. There are no words to express my gratitude to you dear Dolan, thank you for being my guru, my friend❤️❤️, I am achieving more than what I expected, You are the best🙏🏻.

Shraddha Shirsat
10 Apr 2023

Consistency is the key to success. Everyone knows this. While I understood the concept and I just didn’t know how to practically implement consistency through the diet plan prescribed to me through fitter in my previous enrollments under other coaches. It’s been 3 weeks that I enrolled with my new coach, Dolan, and I have to say that it’s been an amazing experience. My goal was to find out how can I stay consistent in my diet plan while making the same food for the entire family. I also wanted to reduce food waste when I cooked in volume. Dolan really understood my goal and sat me down to explain every little detail that goes into cooking in volume for the entire family. She talked to me about meal preps, making dosa batter in volume, veg or non veg meals. Literally every pain point answered for a busy working mom like me. She is very patient, and you can tell she cares. She does not put you down when you digress. Instead she tries to understand the rationale/mindset for why you thought of being non compliant and will help you through navigating it. I really respect that! I’ve made so much progress in the last 3 weeks - lost 6 lbs and many inches, just because Dolan helped me stay consistent with my diet. I love that she is so creative with her workouts as well. Thank you Dolan- I truly have found a great match in you as my coach!