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Sapna Aswani
13 Jan 2024

Fittr app was downloaded on my phone by my son who is a body builder himself.I have been reading the transformation stories for more than a year with no hopes of myself losing weight (as we have all heard weight loss after menopause is impossible).Then came a time when I started avoiding getting my photos clicked as I felt too obese.Finally decided to enroll with Fittr under coach Divya. Divya has been very patient with me all these 3 months,she guided me through with healthy meals without having to restrict myself of my favorite tea.I learnt to count my calorie intake,posted meal pictures and home workout videos .Divyas weekly review calls kept me motivated not to miss my walks and workouts. Here I am 7 kgs lighter in 12 weeks from 80.5kgs to 73.5kgs.I have witnessed a surge in my energy levels and overall sense of vitality. Divya believed in my potential and I could manage my 2 holidays of 10 days each with mindful eating.Cant thank my coach enough for her unwavering support.

18 Sep 2023

I have been following coach Divya Kathuria's Facebook posts of people transforming their lives and reading their fitness journey with Fittrr. Little that I know about Fittr and without even knowing how their plan worked.I already had a preconceived notion that they are also "one of them" - who focus only on food intake and once discontinued, back to square one. Which is why I took atleast a year with the hope of finding the "right choice". I got the wake up call, when I realised that I am falling in my own trap of every morning promising myself that from now on will only eat healthy food and by evening failing to keep my own promise.I started to get depressed not being able to change my habit and had all the excuses I can think of not being being to do workout or go out for walks. Not been able to fit in to my clothes and now started to shop for larger size. Finally,I decided to contact coach Divya and shared what I was through and what I was looking for to bring a change not only what I am putting in my mouth but looking for a 'True lifestyle' change. Here I am here, successfully completed 12 weeks of training.Lost 8.5kgs from 83kgs to 74.5kgs and still continuing my journey with Fittr.I am extremely happy with this progress, as I thought I can never ever bring down my weight under 80kgs. Truly Divya had all ears for me and had all the solutions to my 'so called challenges.She always encouraged me to take baby steps. I have learned the importance of not only eating healthy food but also the right amount of quantity along with exercise and not to mention the importance of water intake(which all of this has been missing out in the diet plans I have followed in the past). It would be wrong of me if i say that my habits were changed with a snap of they say 'old habits die hard'. It was not easy, Divya dealt with my outburst and withdrawal from comfort foods and sweets. Thank you so much Divya for being my mentor.

Samreen Z. Naqvi
11 Sep 2023

I have been working on my health under the guidance of Coach Divya for the last 3 months. Weight loss has been something I have struggled with for years but it's for the first time that I actually feel like I have improved my relationship with food and it is all because of Coach Divya . Having PCOD and an eating disorder has always made if very difficult for me to loose weight in a healthy manner. From the very first conversation we had she has been very motivating and understanding and, above all, helped me understand my eating habits and behaviour. This has helped me shift my view on food and taught me how to change my lifestyle. She patiently helped me balance my health with the busy schedule of med school, at the same time, being strict when I wasn't organised. Due to her persistent efforts I was able to loose 9kgs. I still have a long way to go, but taking on this fitness journey with someone as supportive as Coach Divya has been amazing and I will forever be grateful to her

08 Sep 2023

I started with Divya ma’am on July 1st and so far I have lost 7.7 kgs. She has been such a big cheerleader for me, always supported me and understood me in every way possible. She genuinely cares and helped me not only in my health journey but also personal issues. She is always all ears to listen to me. My stars aligned well and I came across her and chose her as my coach. One of the best decisions of my life. Lots of love to you Divya ma’am. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me. We started with 91.6 and in 70 days we’re down to 83.9 kgs. The journey continues with Divya ma’am as my mentor. 😊❤️