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Nikhil Ganotra
26 Apr 2023

Dinesh is a great coach. He has a superlative understanding of recommending a diet which could be easily sustained for longer term

Arun Kumar V
15 Jul 2022

Dinesh is the best Fitness Trainer I've ever got, He was very humble and polite throughout the process. I had a 14 weeks fitness transformation competition in my organisation and with the help of Dinesh I won the 1st prize. (105.5 KG to 85.3KG) Most of the trainers would just give the guidance alone for Diet & Workouts, but here Dinesh shared me his knowledge along with it and made me understand the process I took 12 weeks package and Dinesh helped me even after my package was over, I've gained so much knowledge from him about Diet (Quantified Nutrition), Workouts (when to do Low & High Intensity), Competition preparation (Peak week Diet, Pumping workout for Photoshoot etc..) This wouldn't have happened without your support, Thank you Dinesh for taking care of me...!

Sreejith Pillai
18 Jun 2022

Dinesh is very knowledgeable. From a mentor perspective he is very understanding and patient as well. I am going to enroll in another session with him back to back.

Nishant Barma
03 Oct 2021

Looking back 6 months, I never thought I will be where I am now having lost 19kg and still on the path to lose more and getting closer to being the best version of myself. None of this would have been possible without Dinesh. He took everything into account before starting my fat loss journey - past diet and workout history, medical issues and my current lifestyle. He is very punctual and makes sure I give him an update every week. His knowledge regarding diet, workout and overall fitness has helped learn more and apply it for my own well being. He also finds interesting ways to make sure I workout regularly. He is very patient and listens to every little detail no matter when I contact him and updates my diet and workout plan accordingly. Because I started working out with weights effectively after 10 years, I injured my elbow. But Dinesh was quick to change my diet and work out accordingly to help me recover and now the injury is almost gone. I still have a long way to go and I will be taking Dinesh's help in continuing my fat loss journey.