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Dilip Kumar Karanam


About Me

An old Chinese proverb says, “If health is lost, something is lost”. I would tweak it to say, “If one is healthy (in body and mind), most things can be achieved”. Scientific studies too point towards a surprising correlation between physical health and the mental state of an individual. I’m here to provide you with, all the tools and help required to make you into the healthiest version of yourself, geared to reach your fitness goals. My journey into this unique platform of SQUATS has begun by exploring and sculpting myself into the best possible version. Here’s where I wish to impress that, fitness and health is not only about losing weight, but it is about harvesting the complete potential of body and mind, not by starving, but by striving in the right direction, as said: “Health is an overall well being of an individual”. Having said that, I take this opportunity to present my approach towards my clients. First and foremost, any endeavour would succeed when worked out in a cordial way. I assure, that, I would be more of a friend to you in addressing your fitness targets and health concerns. Secondly, my conception of fitness is, a holistic and healthy way of living, which includes a range of our daily activities viz exercise, eating and sleeping habits, etc, which all I would consider in designing your transformation program. Last but not least, leading a healthy life and guiding others in achieving the same is my passion, which fortunately has become my profession. And I keep fueling my passion by my extensive research into personalised exercise modules, formulating healthy food recipes, keeping abreast with the latest updates in kinesiology ( MSc in Food and Nutrition, Certified INFS Expert Scholar, Sports Nutrition from NESTA), writing fitness/health-related articles ( FITMAG.IN) and above all guiding my clients towards their transformation (2000+) Incase of any questions before you join me, please feel free to text me on +91 7989875305 and we can schedule a call.... Show more


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Clinical Nutrition
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MSc in Food and Nutrition (Grade card)


Sports Nutrition (Nesta Certifird)


INFS Expert Course Certificate